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Week 19
~ Kickin' In

This baby has gone from a few kicks every now and then to kicking like crazy! I am feeling tons of movement and it's great. I love knowing that the little one is healthy and kicking around in there. Tim has now felt a few kicks as well as the kids; it's been a lot of fun.

We got some great news this week as my husband was offered one of the full time jobs at the hospital that he had been interviewing for. We are all so happy and relieved. Especially with the baby coming it's nice to know that he should have a stable job with good income and health benefits. Yay!! I had a little surprise dinner for Tim the night he found out about the job. I got dinner from our favorite take out place, picked up an ice cream cake and some congratulations balloons. The kids thought it was a lot of fun, we turned on some music and danced around the kitchen (Ryan loves to dance). It was really nice to have something like that to celebrate. There will definitely be some adjustment now to Tim working full time. He started working from home right before Natalie was born so he's pretty much been available to help with the morning rush, appointments, and all the little things. Now he'll be gone from 8-5 every day! Thankfully I have a very flexible work schedule but it'll take some getting used to trying to get both kids ready for the day and out the door on my own. And then once I add baby #3 it should really get interesting!

Next week is our big ultrasound and Ryan said he wants to go to the appointment and see the baby. He still is 100% sure he's having a baby brother. I still don't want to find out the sex, but Tim, Ryan, and my mom really want to find out. I'm going to try my best to hold firm and not give in to finding out but it is tempting. I don't know for sure what we'll do until we get there. I'm really just hoping for a healthy looking baby that is growing perfectly. I'm still eating a ton and have had such specific cravings. I dreamt about corndogs one night and then had to have one the next day. I made Tim go out and get pizza at about 9pm the other night because I just "had to have it". It's ridiculous that this little guy dictates everything I eat. I try to be good but every now and then he/she wins. Like right now for instance I want chips and queso so bad, so I'll probably have to work that into the dinner menu in some way!


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