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Week 20
~ Big News

ultrasoundThis week was our big ultrasound appointment. I was so excited to get a sneak peek of the little one. Ryan really wanted to go with us so I picked him up from school, and we met my mom for lunch. She decided at the last minute that she would come with us to the appointment. Tim got off work for an hour and met us too. Everyone wanted to know the gender, except me; I was still hesitant but caving quickly. Ryan especially wanted to know but I was worried he'd be so heartbroken if they told us it was a girl. I always assumed if it was a girl he'd take the news better once she actually arrived. Tim however, thought it would be better for him to find out early. I also thought how excited Tim and Ryan would be if they found out it was actually a boy.

So we all crowded into the ultrasound room and the tech started her scanning right away. I didn't say anything to anyone but anytime she scanned around the legs or baby's bottom I felt it was very obvious that it was a baby girl. I'm not an expert but I think I've seen enough ultrasound pics to know there's usually a little something there if it's a boy. I looked at Tim a few times and I could tell he thought the exact same thing. We were nervously looking at Ryan wondering what we should do. Finally at the end of the ultrasound the tech said, "Now, do you guys want to know the gender?" We decided to say yes and she did some more "looking" and said, "You guys are having a baby girl!" I was happy; a little girl is just awesome, but Ryan started crying. I felt really sad for him. My mom was ecstatic and Tim looked happy but sad for Ryan too. We tried our best to cheer him up and tell him how special it is to be the only boy with two little sisters but he wasn't buying it. By the time we met with my doctor Ryan had come around a little; he said he wasn't happy about it but that it was okay. He really wanted a brother, but I tried my best to explain to him that this was what was meant to be.

The doctor then did his own ultrasound in 4D and we got some amazing shots. Our little girl already looks so much like her brother! Everything looked great on the scan; no issues at all. Yay!!! I was worried I'd regret finding out, but I'm so happy. I love knowing I've got a sweet little girl arriving in 20 weeks! Natalie will get a sister and I will get another girl to do all the fun girly things with that my mom and I love to do together (pedicures, coffee dates, and shopping!). So, we will be getting all our baby girl stuff out and packing up all the baby boy stuff. I am so blessed to get another baby girl!


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