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Week 21
~ Trouble Sleeping Already?

This week has brought on some annoying sleep patterns. I've been falling asleep a bit earlier at night but it seems like every morning between 2 and 3 am I wake up and am wide awake. Not really sure why this is happening already but I don't like it. I usually toss and turn for an hour or two and then eventually fall back to sleep and then really don't want to wake up when I need to. Maybe it's hormonal? I'm not uncomfortable when I sleep, just can't seem to sleep as soundly as I used to. I also wake up every morning completely congested. I know it's gross, but I blow my nose at least 3 or 4 times each morning as I'm getting ready for work. I remember the pregnancy stuffy nose stuff from my other pregnancies but this seems more severe than that.

Other than those two things it has been a very nice week. We finally got some beautiful sunshine this last weekend and I was able to get out and exercise! I feel so much better when I'm able to do that; I am so ready for spring to arrive! I caved and bought a few more maternity outfits. Work clothes were getting harder and harder to squeeze into so I found a few bargains that will hopefully carry me through the next few months. Knowing this is going to be my last pregnancy makes it harder for me to justify buying all these new clothes.

I've been having fun planning our little girl's bedroom. We decided to go ahead and give the baby her own room. We tossed around all kinds of ideas because we have three bedrooms plus our own but one is being used as a family room. We've decided Ryan will move his room to the family room since it's the largest and already has a lot of his toys in there and our baby girl will get his room. Natalie will keep her room since I think changing rooms or sharing a room would be hardest on her. So now I've got to decide on paint colors and a theme. Ryan is excited because with his bigger bedroom we decided he could get bunk beds and he thinks that is going to be a blast. I thought he was really coming around to this whole baby sister thing but when he heard me and Tim talking about what we needed to get for the baby's room he told me he was taking all the girl stuff out to the garbage for the garbage man to pick up. He also told me that none of his sisters will be invited to his 6th birthday in September. I guess we still have some encouraging to do!


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