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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Getting Ready for our Girl

Everything is still going smoothly with our baby girl. She's still growing like crazy and making me hungry all the time.

I went to one of my best friends' baby shower this past weekend. She is due in March, and it was a lot of fun to see all the stuff she got. This is her first baby so she got a lot of the big essential type things. They are waiting to find out the sex so I'll be excited to see if my little girl will have a girl playmate or a boy playmate. I'm kind of hoping it's a girl so maybe our two girls will be close friends.

I've started getting a few things for the nursery. I think we're going to do a couple different shades of pink with some light brown accents. I found some cute little princess type items in those colors so I'm thinking it'll be a princess theme. Now I have to start the chore of moving Ryan's bedroom and cleaning out our family room. We will have to part with our family room furniture too; hopefully I can find a good home for it.

This week I did start noticing my back starting to ache a bit, and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything more than just a little ache. I remember having a ton of back pain when I was pregnant with Ryan and the last couple months were really rough. Sitting at work or driving a car were excruciating . . . hoping I don't have that same issue this time and that this mild back pain doesn't slow me down too much. I've also noticed this little girl kicking my bladder a lot more, ouch!

I'm passed the halfway point now but it still seems like there is so much longer to go . . . I'm so anxious to see this little one!


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