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Weeks 23 & 24
~ Empty Nest

24 weeksSo this week my little Natalie started preschool . . . and it broke my heart! I know it's a great thing but she just seems so small and with all she's been through it was very hard for me to leave her on her first day. We found a great program through our local school district that is a preschool program for special needs kids. Natalie qualified for the program due to her epilepsy and developmental delays and she'll go four days per week from 9am to noon. During those days they will do physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy so it'll be great for her. The goal is to give her as much support and resources as we can to get her back up to her age level. So now I am feeling a little bit of that empty nest syndrome since both kids are in school. I'm glad I will get another baby to love on soon. It's just crazy how quickly they grow up!

I went ahead and included a belly pic of my tummy at week 24. It feels huge, but I know it's only going to get bigger. This week I also won a free studio session with my favorite photographer who has captured all the pics of my kids and our family shots during the last few years. We're going to do a "pregnancy shoot" in a month or two with the kids as well; I'm really excited. I've never done any professional pregnancy pics before but the ones I've seen from this photographer are all amazing!

Next week, Natalie and I travel to Denver to meet with her neurologist for some more tests and follow up. I'm a little nervous about traveling with her by myself and being pregnant but I'm sure we'll do fine. It's always a little stressful navigating the security, checking bags, etc. We shall see; hopefully the trip will go smoothly!


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