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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ Exhausted

This week was tiring! I am so sleepy and worn out. We started the week with me and Natalie traveling to Denver for her doctor's appointments. We both did fine, no hang ups with flights or issues with that. Just lots of running around, packing and not being home that made us a little cranky. All of Natalie's tests came back normal, no big changes for her. We're hoping to start a new epilepsy medication in the next couple months so we got information on that. When we finally arrived home very late on Thursday night, Natalie just kept smiling and walking around the house giggling. She was so happy to be back in her comfortable environment; it was really cute!

We spent most of the following weekend at home where we decided to take on the big task of moving Ryan's bedroom to clear out his room for the baby. We bought him new bunk beds that he was very excited about and Tim put those together. We moved all his stuff into our previous family room and got the carpets cleaned. His room looks great but it was a lot of work! We then moved Natalie's crib/toddler bed into the new baby's room and gave her Ryan's twin bed, which she seems to be doing great in. I spruced up Natalie's room with a new dresser and some new artwork for the walls. And Tim and Ryan started painting baby girl's room a nice pink color called "Pink Taffy". I'm so excited to get in there and finish up the decorating once the painting is finished; I bought her a cute brown rocking horse and a dollhouse bookcase for some fun accessories.

I've been thinking a lot about this new little girl joining our family soon and what the dynamics will be like. I keep picturing her running around playing with her siblings and it makes me so happy. I love the idea of watching her grow up and seeing what kind of personality she'll have. Will she be outgoing and adventurous like her brother or quiet and sensitive like her sister? It's also stressful to think about at times when I'm trying to do three or four things at once for the kids, how am I going to do this with one more? But I am trying to focus on the positive and just assume that we will all adjust and it'll work out just fine and that we usually can get through anything life throws at us. So, I'm off to try and rest and get some much needed sleep after a busy, busy week!


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