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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Scary Scale!

I was really confident going into this week's doctors appointment that my weight gain would only be a pound or so. I haven't been quite as hungry and the scale at home seemed like I hadn't gained much at all since my previous appointment. The last two times I've went in I've gained about 4 or 5 pounds each time. So I went in and stepped on the scale, and I'd gained another 6 pounds! How can that be happening?! 6 pounds in 4 weeks??? I was floored. I'm now up to 17 pounds total weight gain and I'm nearing 28 weeks. I'm trying not to freak out but it's making me a little nervous. I gained 42 pounds with Ryan and 35 pounds with Natalie, so I guess I just assumed I'd gain less with the third baby. We'll see . . . I don't feel there is a whole lot I can do about it. When I'm hungry I have to eat, and I don't feel that I'm really eating unhealthy. Obviously there's the occasional trip through the drive thru or pizza nights, but for the most part it's pretty well rounded meals. I know I could exercise more, and that would help, but our weather has been awful and I'm just not motivated to do indoor stuff. I am hoping for an early spring so we can get outdoors and burn off some calories!

Other than my shocking scale discovery my appointment went well. Lyla measured perfect again, my blood pressure was low, and urine was clean. I got my Rhogam shot because my blood type is A negative, and I took the 1 hour glucose test which was horrible! I instantly felt nauseous after the first sip but I managed to get it down. I'm now just waiting for results, which will hopefully be normal. My belly is getting nice and round and this little girl is so active each night. As soon as I lay down she goes wild; it's fun feeling her turn and kick.

I feel very lucky to get to be experiencing this pregnancy. I had a very close friend end up in the emergency room with an ectopic pregnancy last week and I felt so bad for her. It really puts everything in perspective when you see someone going through that kind of pain and loss. I need to focus when things get rough how lucky I am that I have a healthy little girl growing and how easy it was for us to get pregnant. So many women struggle just to conceive and we've been blessed now with three easy pregnancies.


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