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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Anemic and Nesting

I got my results from last week's doctor's appointment--anemic again but passed the glucose. So, I'm now starting an extra iron supplement each day. Not a big surprise since both of my other pregnancies resulted in anemia too. I actually would have been more surprised if I wasn't anemic at this point. So I went and picked up my iron and started taking it. Ever since I started it I'm having issues with constipation, and that is no fun so I'm hoping that will get better. I'm trying to increase my fiber intake but it's kind of annoying. The iron seems to upset my stomach a little bit too, hopefully my body will adjust but it was not the most fun weekend due to those issues.

I have definitely started wanting to clean and organize. I think it's a combination of spring cleaning and pregnancy nesting, but I do like the results. My pantry is stocked, spic and span, and very organized. I got my closet all cleaned out and all the winter clothes stored away. Now I've got to clean out our office and a few hall closets and I'll be done with that task.

One of my best girlfriends had her baby last week, a little boy who is quite adorable. I am so happy for them and I'm pleased I get to unload all my boy clothes on someone. My husband is going to love all the extra space in our garage once I get everything shipped off to her. Seeing pics of her little newborn made me very excited and anxious for our due date. I keep wondering how it will all happen. Will she come early, late, or right on time? I'm hoping for right on time since Ryan was a week and a half early and Natalie was a week late, I figure this one is destined to be born on her due date, right? Plus it'd be a perfect way to spend the Memorial Day weekend, welcoming our baby girl!

I also got the okay from my doctor this week to plan a Spring Break vacation out of town. Both of the kids will be out of school the first week of April and I've been thinking how nice it would be to take one final vacation as a family of four. I know traveling will be a lot more difficult in the next couple of years with a new baby/toddler and with Natalie's epilepsy we really never know what to expect for her. We did our taxes and got more back than we were expecting and we should probably just save the money but I would love to invest it in a family vacation, so we're pricing it out. We'll see if we can get our plans together quickly and make it happen. Some sunshine sure sounds nice!


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