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Week 29
~ Ouch!

So my back pain has gone from annoying to really painful! I'm lucky to get through half the day without it significantly altering my day. The hardest part has just been sitting at my desk at work or driving. Once I get home and can get into comfy clothes and lay down I feel fine. I've found myself begging for this baby to come at 37 or 38 weeks so I don't have to endure this until week 40 or 41. I know I'm being a baby and just need to suck it up but it really hurts! I have been able to talk Tim into massaging my back in the evenings and that actually helps a ton but by the next morning when I'm back at work, it flares up again. Tylenol doesn't even touch it so really all I can do is rest and get as many massages as possible.

Other than the back pain things have been good. Lyla is moving and stretching and her little feet and elbows have started poking through my belly at times. I think she's starting to run out of space because I feel a lot more pushing from her now than I do actual kicking. My iron supplements are working better now, and I think my body just adjusted to them because I'm not nearly as nauseous and the constipation has gotten better. And I do seem to have a bit more energy. I'm still cleaning and organizing like crazy. It feels so good to be getting my house in tip top shape. I've even been planning and cooking more meals at home, and I find myself really enjoying the cooking part. This is definitely a pregnancy nesting hormone or something because I typically only really like to cook a couple days a week.

Other than that it's been a pretty quiet week, which is nice. I'm so glad to be in the third trimester and I'm getting so ready for the big day when we meet Lyla!


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