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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31 & 32
~ A Busy Spring Break

So the last 2 weeks have kind of flown by and flowed together in my mind so I decided to condense the entry into one. I had another OB appointment and everything is going smoothly once again. Up another 4 pounds on the scale and I've just decided to embrace it and get over it rather than stew about it. I figure the baby needs the weight gain so I just need to let it go. I'm up to 22 lbs total weight gain and I'm nearing the home stretch so I figure it will be just fine. Lyla's head is in the down position and my doctor said she still has time to flip but I took it as a good sign that she's already in that position. Everything else looked good, she measured perfect again and at my next visit in three weeks he'll go ahead and do the first internal exam to see if I'm dilated. It's getting a little surreal that we're already to this point!

This last week we also went on our little spring break vacation. We decided to travel to Utah (we're in Idaho), since it was a relatively easy drive and check out the Lagoon Amusement Park near Salt Lake. It was our last vacation as a family of four! Lagoon was great, and had a ton of fun things for the kids. We checked out the Children's Museum as well and we all had a fun time there. Ryan enjoyed every minute of it and Natalie was a good little traveler. We stayed at a nice hotel during the trip and we were able to swim each night, which felt so good on my back!

Now we're home and back to reality, our next big event will be Lyla's birthday. I have started trying to get organized for the big delivery day by figuring out what the plan is for our kids during the delivery. I think at this point we've decided Tim's parents will take care of Natalie and Ryan while we're at the hospital laboring and my mom will come to the hospital and help me out (and help Tim out if he needs a break). It's so stressful thinking of all the scenarios. Is it going to happen in the middle of the night? Will she be a week or two early or a week late? Will I end up being induced? For now I just need to take it one day at a time, but I'm such a planner that it kind of gets to me after awhile. I'm anxious to get my hospital bag packed and finish up washing all of Lyla's clothes and making sure all the essentials are ready for her when she gets home. There is just so much to do and the time is flying by!


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