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Week 34
~ Booties Galore!

Booties GaloreThis 34th week has been great! I'm feeling a little less stressed and getting more excited each day that we're getting closer to meeting Lyla. My aunt and cousin came into town this week and we had a great time visiting with them and catching up. I have a set of female cousins that are like sisters to me since I grew up with all brothers so we always have way too much fun when we're together. My mom threw me a little baby shower last weekend and it was so sweet. It was very casual and it was just a few close family members and good friends so it wasn't too overwhelming. Everyone was so excited to see my growing belly and talk about our new arrival. Lyla got some adorable outfits, and some great essentials like diapers and toys. What was so funny was that it seemed like everyone picked up a pair of booties or little baby shoes for her. She ended up with about 10 pairs of shoes! I am thinking maybe this means she's going to be my little diva who is all about shoes and clothes, oh how I could have a lot of fun with that!

Casey's showerI also had my maternity photo shoot this past weekend. I haven't seen the proofs yet but it seemed like the photographer got some great shots. It was a little embarrassing playing the model for some of the pictures of me by myself, but the shots with the kids were a lot of fun. I'm so excited to see the final product next week.

I also think Lyla has "dropped". My back pain this week is virtually gone, and my rib pain is much better. However, the bladder seems to be feeling much more pressure and I keep getting these really short, intense pains in the lower region of my abdomen. When I look at my belly it doesn't seem as high as it had been. I even had a stranger stop me the other day and ask when my baby boy was due, because I was carrying the baby so low that she just knew it had to be a boy. It was kind of fun telling her it was actually a girl! It feels like she's just ready to come any day now . . . I see my doctor tomorrow and he'll do his first internal exam so we'll see what he says. If he tells me I'm already dilated I'm going to go into full on panic mode since I still have a long list of things I think I have to get done before delivery day. I know the chance of her coming early is slim, but it is still on my mind each evening when it feels as if I could go into labor at any moment . . .


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