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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Almost There

I feel like we are so close! We have started a daily countdown on our refrigerator for how many days til Lyla comes . . . today it was 23 days, and it's going so fast! I feel a bit more prepared this week as I was able to get pre-registered at the hospital and I got Lyla's bag packed for the hospital (not that she needed much), but it's one less thing on my list! I bought groceries for some casseroles that I'd like to make and freeze, so now I just have to actually make them. I got the play n pack set up and all the bedding is washed and ready. I got the car seat cleaned and bases set in both cars. Ahhh, it feels so good to get those things done. I keep cleaning my house like crazy thinking to myself this might be the last time I get to do this before the baby comes.

I'm getting so curious to just see her and hold her. I feel like I've waited so long to complete our family and that moment is coming when I'll hold her and know that she's our little girl we've been waiting for all these years. Ryan has been getting really excited, telling me that my belly is getting too big and that I need to have this baby. I am very curious to see how the kids react to this change once it finally happens. Everything is so calm right now with her still in the womb, but it'll be such a different story once she's here demanding mommy and daddy's attention. I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road but hoping they don't get too jealous or demanding.

This next week I have another doctor's appointment . . . the appointments are now a little more exciting since I can get checked to see if there is any progress being made. I am hopeful we won't have to be induced this time around and she'll surprise us by coming on her own.


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