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Casey's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6
~ It's Real!

This week was much anticipated; we had our first prenatal appointment! I had been looking forward to it for weeks and was definitely a little nervous and anxious. When I thought I had missed my period I took a pregnancy test, and it was negative. Both my husband and I were disappointed but decided we'd just "try" next month. Well, a few days passed and still no sign of a period, so I took a few more tests. I work in clinical research, so our office is stocked with pregnancy tests, so I'm sure my free access to pregnancy tests is what lead to the ridiculous amount of tests being taken. Anyway, I took three more tests, all negative. I was now really disappointed, because if I was indeed not pregnant than what was wrong and why wasn't I getting a period?

I then waited a few more days and took three more tests. This time I got one positive test, the other two looked negative or had just a very faint positive line. Now I was really confused. So, I waited three more days and took three more tests, and this time they were all positive! I felt pretty confident after that and called the doctor and made my appointment.

When the day arrived I met my husband at the doctor's office; I had taken the day off from work for the big event. We met with the nurse and did the general health screening stuff and then met with my doctor who just laughed when I told him we'd taken at least 10 pregnancy tests. At this point from calculating my last period I should have been almost eight weeks along but we did the vaginal ultrasound and I measured at only 6 weeks 4 days, so I must have been a little off on my calculation of dates, which also explained why so many of my early pregnancy tests came back negative. But everything with the baby looked good, strong healthy heart beat of 136 beats per minute and we were happy with a May 26th due date. I felt a lot of relief after the appointment. I felt much better with some confirmation that everything was starting out okay and that I was indeed really pregnant.

We then decided to fill our families in on the news. I've had A LOT of nausea with this pregnancy so I really didn't want to hide it much longer and have people wondering why I was having such a hard time eating or not wanting to go out to eat. Both of our families were really excited and Ryan took the news really well. He has always said he didn't want any more babies in the family so I was nervous to tell him. But he just smiled at the sonogram picture and asked some questions but seemed very happy about it. He proudly told both sets of grandparents that "we" were having a baby. I was glad that he thought of it as the entire family having a new baby rather than just mom. He, of course, only wants a baby brother . . . we'll see if that works out for him! So we now have a due date, a confirmation of real pregnancy, and the families know the news, BIG week for us!


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