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Week 7
~ Tired of Being Tired

I've been sooooo tired the last few weeks and that is unfortunately still lingering. I am not so exhausted that I want to sleep all the time, but I just want to be incredibly lazy. All I want to do is lay in bed and watch TV. And in a house with two kiddos, that's hard! I've had a lot of nausea with this pregnancy as well, but that does seem to have gotten a bit better this week. I was actually able to cook a few real dinners this week, which I know made my husband happy! Lately it's been the make it yourself dinners of cold cereal or fruit, because that had been the only thing that sounded even remotely appetizing. So, I'm hoping the nausea is on its way out and it's not going to stick around for the full 12 weeks.

I've definitely noticed a bit more of a bump starting too. I've never had that perfectly flat stomach since my first pregnancy but it's definitely starting to pooch more. I've noticed my jeans feeling better if they're un-buttoned and I can't believe I'm already to that point! With my other pregnancies I was able to wear all my normal clothes until at least 12 weeks or so. According to my bathroom scale I haven't gained any weight yet, but the belly is definitely growing. They say that with each subsequent pregnancy you will "show" sooner and that is definitely true for this baby #3!

When I have felt good enough to do something we've been enjoying some beautiful Fall weather. We've had an unusually warm fall so it's made for some very nice outings to the park or just playing in the back yard with the kids. I'm definitely looking forward to some more days of feeling a bit more like myself once I can kick this nausea and fatigue . . .


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