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Week 8
~ Budget Mama

So this week my husband and I started a new, stricter family budget. Fun, huh!? We decided that we needed to track our spending better and hold ourselves a little more accountable on splurge type purchases. My husband was laid off from his previous job for about nine months and just recently took a temporary job that should last through November so we are to the point of really needing to be budget conscious since we've depleted our savings rather quickly. Having a new baby arriving in seven short months has inspired us to try and save more for the future. I thought I would absolutely HATE the budget because even though I'm a bit frugal, I love to shop. But I've actually really enjoyed the boundaries we've set; it's almost like a game to see how little money we can spend. Not sure how long this game will be fun, but for right now it's working out very well. I've become addicted to coupon websites before my weekly grocery shopping trip and it's thrilling to see how much you can actually save just by clipping coupons and really only buying what you need or will use. We're big on eating out too and not only did we cut that way back but I've found so many restaurant coupons and deals online that when we do eat out, it's about half as much as we were previously spending. I feel bad that we've been paying full price for this stuff for all these years!

As far as how baby #3 is doing, still growing and the belly is still expanding. I'm actually getting nervous as to how much longer I can keep the news from my co-workers because this bump is becoming less discreet every day. I'm planning on telling my co-workers next week since we have a meeting and everyone will be in one place . . . and then I'll tell all my friends/extended family. I'm really looking forward to everyone knowing. I've always been a little superstitious about miscarriage before the 12 week mark but I'm feeling a bit more confident now that this little baby seems to be growing and developing normally. The nausea is still hanging on, it seems to really come and go, mornings and evenings are definitely the worst. I am REALLY hoping this goes away soon. I so badly want to eat a normal meal and not always feel hungry or sick to my stomach; it's such a downer! I'm still tired too but I feel like I've been a bit more productive this week. I got a little bit more done around the house so things don't feel quite as chaotic as the previous weeks. Hopefully next week will be nausea free!!!


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