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Week 9
~ Misery

As you can tell by my title to this entry, this has been a bad week. I woke up early this week with a horrible head cold. Ryan had a cold the previous week that turned into an ear infection; he started antibiotics and now feels great. Mommy however, has now caught his cold and does not feel good. You wouldn't think a little cold would really cause so much havoc but I can't breathe, can't sleep, cough all the time, my sinuses ache all day long and my nose doesn't stop running. Mix those symptoms with morning sickness and the fatigue that accompanies you in the first trimester and then it paints a nice picture of what I've been dealing with. I am very much looking forward to this cold bug leaving me.

I did call my OB-GYN about getting my flu shot. I figured I'd stop by his office by the end of this week for the flu shot and if I still feel miserable then I'll ask him to check me out and see if it's a sinus infection or something that needs antibiotics. I'm hoping I'm going to turn the corner soon though and I won't need any real medications.

In less depressive news I did share my pregnancy with all my co-workers this week. They were all very excited and happy for me, which did give me a little energy boost. I then spilled the beans to most of my good friends and extended family and they were all pretty surprised but supportive and excited as well. It definitely feels good to have everyone know we're pregnant. Now if I can just start feeling better I can really start to "enjoy" this pregnancy.


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