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Catherine's Pregnancy Journal
Catherine, Scott and Jonathan

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Catherine Switzer's pregnancy journal.

Catherine (27) and her husband, Scott (28) have an adorable son, Jonathan, born September 2, 1999. They were expecting their second child around June 14. Catherine delivered a healthy 9 lb daughter, at home on June 24, 2001, after having her first baby via cesarean. Here is Catherine's pregnancy journal and birth story, week by week.

Catherine's Journal Entries

Meet Catherine!

Week 6
I'm Pregnant!

Week 7
Found a Midwife!

Week 8
First Prenatal Appointment

Week 9
Getting Bigger Already

Week 10
A Drive to Natchez

Week 11
MIdwife Appointment

Week 12
Thanksgiving Trip and Scary Flight

Week 13
Pulled Out the Maternity Clothes

Week 14
Week Without DH

Week 15
Scott's Home, Parents Visited

Week 16
Christmas With the In-laws

Week 17
Happy New Year! And a Stomach Bug

Week 18
Midwife Appointment and the Bug Strikes Again

Week 19
Prenatal Yoga, Shopping, and Birth Ponderings

Week 20
Halfway There!

Week 21
Just Rambling!

Week 22
Crazy Week!

Week 23
Midwife Appointment

Week 24
Parent's visit, tiring week and sugar cravings

Week 25
A Long Week!

Week 26
The Blues

Week 27
Midwife Appointment

Weeks 28/29
Feeling Better!

Week 30

Weeks 31 and 32
Travels and Company

Week 33

Week 34
More nesting and survived Scott's trip out of town!

Week 35
Very fun week!

Week 36
Surviving the grumpies

Week 37
Three year anniversary and big news

Week 38
A Rocky Week

Week 39
A better week, good news and birth ramblings

Week 40
Prodromal Labor

Birth Story!

Birth story written by Allison Ratliff, Catherine's midwife

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