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Week 12 ~ November 30, 2000
~ Thanksgiving Trip and Scary Flight

I finally finished the thank you notes from Jonathan's birthday. I seem to always write late thank you notes. Maybe at least with the pregnancy I have somewhat of an excuse? On a more productive note, I've already started addressing the Christmas cards!!

The trip to the Switzers went well. We think the television, which was on loud constantly, bothered Jonathan. He was really fussy, but when we took him downstairs where it was quiet, he was fine and happy. It took us a while to figure it out, but once we did, we spent more time down there. Jonathan didn't eat much the first few days we were there, but by the time the Thanksgiving meal came he was ready for food! He adored the asparagus casserole!

We had an extremely scary flight home!!!! Thirty minutes into our flight , Scott says quickly that he's on his way to the restroom. A couple minutes later, I hear over the intercom, "If there is a nurse, paramedic, or doctor on board could you please . . . yada yada yada . . ." I didn't hear much after that because I was busy looking back to see if I could see Scott because I was trying to figure out if he was the one they were calling medical assistance for! Jonathan must have sensed my fright and started crying and wanted down. He knocked my tray and juice went flying (hadn't known I'd have him in my lap longer than a few minutes. Five or so minutes passed, and he hadn't come back, so I was feeling pretty sure something was wrong. I had all of these horrible images floating through my head. I had finally managed to find the Healthy Times toddler cookies and Jonathan was momentarily content. I am *SO* glad I had them. After what truly seemed like forever, a flight attendant came to tell me that my husband passed out!! He was okay and on oxygen (precautionary). He sat in the back for the rest of the flight with an oxygen mask on. On the way home, he told me that he had made it to the bathroom and wasn't able to get the door closed (he said he thought he was going to be sick), but then passed out. When he did, he fell through the door. Thank goodness it was open so that people could come to help him!!!! I was pretty worried about him. He thinks he might have a bad stomach bug so we are hoping that he gets better quickly and that Jonathan and I stay well. It really scared me. He's sleeping in the guest bed in hopes that Jonathan and I stay well (and so he gets uninterrupted sleep).

I also found out this week that my cousin Julie is pregnant! She's due in January, and I'm invited to her baby shower for next weekend.

My milk supply is still low, and my nipples are still sore. Jonathan is nursing a bit less, which makes it easier on me. He's nursing a quite a bit at night though. I think he's been teething.

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