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Week 13 ~ December 7, 2000
~ Pulled Out the Maternity Clothes

I'm wearing maternity clothes. I don't care if I look silly in them. The elastic waist pants I bought are a bit snug now and I'm not buying any more clothes that will only fit me for a couple weeks! I'd already pulled out my maternity clothes from last time, so that is what I'm wearing around the house. Most of them are summer things so I have a small selection to choose from, but it's not like I'm going anywhere anyway! When we go out, I wear the elastic waist pants and a loose top. I haven't wanted to get out of the house much. I'm completely content with staying indoors all day, except for a nice walk when it's not too cold outside. Just breathing fresh air feels so good!!

Scott is going out of town from the 11th through the 18th. I am really not looking forward to it! I still have some morning sickness . . . not much, but enough. I think it's going to be a really tough week.

My dad told me they would be coming to stay with us the weekend of the 16th! I am elated! We alternate spending Christmas with his parents and my parents, and this year is the year to spend it at the Switzers. They are coming here so that we can also spend Christmas with Scott's brother's family. They live about 45 minutes away from us. So, I didn't think I'd get to see my family this year and I was pretty bummed about it. They decided to come see us and so not only will I get to celebrate Christmas with them (early, but still!) but also my brother (who lives in town but rarely visits). I will also have some help before Scott gets back!!! Woohoo!

Scott is planning to do the Christmas decorating that only he can do (outside lights, putting the tree in the stand, etc.) before he leaves. My parents are going to help me decorate. It's amazing how pregnancy really makes you appreciate those who want to help out!! Or, at least it does for me!

My midwife appointment is next Thursday! I am so excited! Prenatal appointments are so much fun!! Maybe I'll get to hear the heartbeat this time! I decided to make a day appointment so Scott won't be coming to this one.

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