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Week 15 ~ December 21, 2000
~ Scott's Home, Parents Visited

Jonathan and I had a fantastic visit with my parents! Jonathan had a blast opening presents. He got way too many things, but I know my parents love to give him neat toys. He absolutely loves the mega blocks (they are like big legos) and has been playing with them almost non-stop!! My parents gave Scott and I a video camera, which is our Christmas present and both of our birthday presents next year! We figured out how to use it and I captured lots of sweet moments. I also filmed a walk-through of our house starting from outside. I wanted my parents to be able to take it with them and show my grandma, who will probably not ever get to come see us here, our home and such. I really wish Jonathan could visit my grandma this Christmas. My parents celebrate Christmas there every year. We did get to visit her last year, but Jonathan was only four months old!

Scott arrived home on Monday. It's so incredibly good to have him back. I've been recuperating, and I still don't yet feel back up to par. He's been a dear, though, and changed most of the diapers and tried to help out with the cleaning. Scott's parents are due to arrive here on Saturday. I've been cleaning frantically!! Scott has been a great help, thankfully.

I'm officially wearing maternity clothes. I look pregnant! Woohoo! My tummy is still pretty small, but compare to last pregnancy at 15 weeks, it's huge!! I am amazed at how quickly it pops out there. I'd like to get a few things in the next couple weeks. I know I need something to wear for Christmas Day at Scott's brother's family's house. We're having the Christmas meal over there around lunchtime.

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