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Week 16 ~ December 28, 2000
~ Christmas With the In-laws

We had a wonderful Christmas! Jonathan again had a blast opening presents!! All the meals I had planned went wonderfully, including the yummy new salmon recipe! I deeply missed my family over Christmas. This was our first Christmas to spend in our own home, though, and it was incredibly special.

Scott and I ordered each other's Christmas gifts online, and neither of them arrived in time for Christmas! Oops! He knows what he's getting, but mine is a surprise. I'm hanging in suspense!!

I've really missed having a prenatal appointment and now I'm really looking forward to Thursday!!

I've been kind of "down" this week. I think partly a way of recovering from the stress of Christmas, and maybe just the winding down from all the excitement. I've started feel a bit of fear about the birth, mainly fear of another c-section, or fear of something going wrong. I have a list of questions to ask my midwife, and at the end of the list I jotted down my fears and I plan on bringing them up. I don't know if it will help, as I know it's nothing she has control over. But, I guess I just need to talk about it with someone who's probably heard these same fears before from another expecting mom.

I have been eating so well and managed to limit my sweets over the holidays! I almost can't believe the amount of willpower I had! Last pregnancy I had no willpower at all! Lunch is the hardest meal for me and late at night is tough too.

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