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Week 17 ~ January 4, 2001
~ Happy New Year! And a Stomach Bug

Okay, now I'm really getting impatient! My midwife had a birth today, so we rescheduled for next Thursday. I'm not upset at all, because I know this will happen . . . I'm just really excited about my next appointment and can't wait for it to get here!!

We spent New Year's Eve playing with Jonathan. He came down with a stomach bug over the weekend and slept a ton! Today he slept most of the day, and woke from his second nap around 8 pm. He was in high gear the rest of the evening! We turned on our television around 11:50 pm to catch a countdown. Unfortunately, the channel we chose had already shown their countdown and must've thought our Central time zone wasn't worth another countdown! They didn't do one at all! Ack! So after we realized it was past midnight, we clinked our glasses and toasted. We kissed, and gave Jonathan big kisses!! It was a lot of fun.

It snowed again over the weekend! And, it really snowed a lot. We hardly get snow here, and I love snow, so it was a treat for me. I was so sad that Jonathan was sick and couldn't play around it in. We did take him out just to stand in it for a moment. He wasn't feeling well yet, so I don't think he enjoyed it much. My poor little bear.

We've started a new tradition of buying one new board game a year, and playing it for the first time on New Year's Eve. We had one ready to go but we were having so much fun playing with Jonathan all night we didn't get a chance to play it! We played it on New Year's Day though!

I've had a few bad dreams the last couple of nights. I had forgotten how vivid pregnancy dreams are. They weren't horrible, but I kept waking all night long. During my pregnancy with Jonathan, some were so bad that I couldn't sleep at all when I woke. I really hope all of mine stay mild this time! I'm pretty sure I've been feeling the baby move! It's just a little fluttering. No kicks, but I'm pretty sure it's movement!

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