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Week 18 ~ January 11, 2001
~ Midwife Appointment and the Bug Strikes Again

What a week! This past weekend I came down with the stomach virus that Jonathan had. It didn't hit me as hard as it did him, but I still felt miserable all weekend and the first part of the week. I felt so bad that Jonathan suffered through that. On Monday night, I had many contractions. I think they were probably Braxton-Hicks, but I don't know since I've never felt real ones! I drank lots and lots of water and tried to rest as much as I could stand. That night they were bothering me, and so I called my midwife to make sure everything was okay. She returned my call shortly after and reassured me that it was normal, but if they became regular then I needed to call her back. Scott parented Jonathan that night, and I slept very hard. The next day I had only a couple contractions in the morning and then everything was just fine! I slept a lot over the weekend, since I was feeling so crummy. Our house has been a wreck most of the week and I still don't feel energetic enough to clean it up yet! When the house gets pretty messy, it just seems so overwhelming!

I had my midwife appointment today! First, we talked for a long time about my questions, concerns and fears. She answered all of my questions and beyond, addressed all of my concerns and calmed my fears. She is really wonderful. We spent nearly the whole hour just talking! Then, I got to hear baby's heartbeat!! Oh yay! That was neat. I remember hearing it with Jonathan. It just isn't any less exciting! We also talked about laboring in the tub and waterbirth. I am considering waterbirth, as I've heard many wonderful things about it. I'm reading up on it now. I know that we'll be renting a birthing tub for at least the labor. Of course, I can always read up and decide when I'm in labor! If the water is as soothing as I have heard, I can't imagine wanting to get out of it!

Jonathan cut his second molar!! No wonder he's been a restless sleeper. I ordered him a cloth baby doll, and it arrived yesterday! It's much smaller than I thought it would be, but adorable. I'm going to see if he likes this doll, and then decide whether a larger one would be more appropriate. We're hoping that having a baby doll of his own will help somewhat with the adjustment. We really want to do everything we can to help him feel okay about the new baby.

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