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Week 19 ~ January 18, 2001
~ Prenatal Yoga, Shopping, and Birth Ponderings

Had my first prenatal yoga class today. It was so much fun! I'm taking the class with a friend who is due a few weeks before me. I have been doing a yoga video for a few weeks and love it. I actually like certain things about the video better. It is more relaxing; there is more stretching and more exercise. But, at the class I'm getting to see my friend, be around other pregnant mamas, and learn new yoga poses. It is really a lot of fun!

We went shopping on Saturday for maternity clothes. The few maternity outfits I have from my pregnancy with Jonathan are all summer clothes. I picked out a few loose fitting stretch pants and some long sleeved shirts. I also picked out two short-sleeved tops. Thankfully, they were having a great sale on most everything I bought! I think maternity outfits are so cute! I wish we had loads of money so I could have all the clothes I want. I stuck with basics while we were there. But, I do admit to wanting to build a huge pile of tons of outfits and ask Scott for it to be an early birthday present!!

I've been thinking a lot more about the birth. I would really like good pictures taken. I think I might try to find a doula that is good at photographing births, or maybe just okay at photographing things in general. I've been thinking about asking a friend of mine to attend our labor and birth to help with Jonathan. She has a child a little older than Jonathan, she's nurturing, and I think Jonathan would do well with her. And, I think she'd be a great support to me. I've also been thinking about what music I'd like, and if I'd like any special prayers said when the baby is born. Whew! I can't believe I'm thinking about so much already, but I guess I'm just so incredibly excited!

Yesterday we went to a friend's house. Jonathan hadn't taken his nap, and he was slightly cranky. But, he has been constipated also so I think it was just an overall "bad" day for him. Poor little bear. I had a great time though. We talked and our babies played. I really don't get out enough! I can't wait until the weather is nicer so Jonathan and I can hang out at the park.

I'd really like to join a women's gym near us. A friend told me about it, and it sounds really awesome. I think it would help a lot if I could walk on the treadmill in the gym on the days it is too icky to walk outside. And, I really like that the gym is for women only. They have a cute staffed playroom/nursery for kids, and it is free. The gym is small enough that it's very easy to check on your little one. I'd have to see how Jonathan likes it first. My friend is going to see if they if they have some "trial" passes.

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