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Week 20 ~ January 25, 2001
~ Halfway There!

Wow! I'm halfway there! I can't believe it. June seems so far off though. A million years away at least! I was just thinking this morning how fast time flies, but then how distant the future can seem.

Scott is out of town again and will be back late tonight. I can't wait! I have felt so overwhelmed. Jonathan is a sweet boy and a great helper, but it is tough for me watching him by myself. Being pregnant makes it slightly harder, but I think more because of emotional factors. I get frazzled too easily. And, if he gets hurt and cries I practically start crying along with him!

My belly button has already popped out. I'm afraid my belly button will never be the same again! It popped out late in the pregnancy last time, and then went back to "in-y" status sometime after Jonathan's birth. It never went back to what it used to look like, but it was getting close! Ack! Now my belly button will be an out-y for 20 whole weeks!

My grandmother's birthday is today. I called tonight to wish her well. She is such a sweet grandma. I love her dearly. I can't wait until Easter to see her! I also look forward to our new baby meeting her at Christmas and for Jonathan to get to see her again. I love to hear her stories about when I was young. She told two of my favorites when we were on the phone tonight. She and I spent a great deal of time together during the first few years of my life. I feel a strong bond to her, and she's very special to me.

Jonathan and I are addicted to dried cranberries! Yummy! We bought some raisins at the store and now we're addicted to those too.

I need some new preggo underwear. I ordered a couple from Bravado (the brief kind) and will see if I like them. During my pregnancy with Jonathan I wore the tent kind (still am wearing some of them!). They were the cheapest maternity underwear and with the large amount of weight I gained I definitely needed maternity! But I found that they didn't stay up on my belly. Instead, they would sink down and leave a big bunch of material hanging below my belly. It was quite uncomfortable! So, now I'm only wearing the ones with the better elastic and I'm wearing some regular briefs. I just feel better this time in briefs!

I have had the most intense craving for peanut butter cookies the last few nights, so last night I went out in search of peanut butter cookie dough (the ready to bake kind). Not one of the grocery stores I went to had peanut butter cookie dough!! Ack! Jonathan was really fussy, so I settled for some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I do normally eat very healthy, but I do give in to my sweet tooth occasionally.

My dad will arrive tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. He has business meetings all day on Friday, but then will spend Friday night, all of Saturday and Sunday morning before returning home.

Baby is kicking like a pro! I feel much movement, and I feel it all down low. Jonathan's kicking was mostly down low too. I never once felt "rib kicks" with Jonathan. I did get plenty of bladder stomps and punches to the cervix! Or maybe those were head bops . . . all I know is there were times when I was so taken by surprise by the force and location of those bumps that they would stop me dead in my tracks!

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