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Week 21 ~ February 1, 2001
~ Just Rambling!

The visit with my dad went great! I also found out that he and mom are coming on the weekend of the seventeenth. Both of my parents have off for President's Day so they'll get to stay until Monday! I'm really looking forward to it. That weekend is also Scott's nephew's birthday, but I do not know yet when they are having his party.

My friend picked me up a 14-day trial pass to the gym! I'm so excited! Scott is taking off early tomorrow to give me a rest, and he said I should go then. That way, I will really be able to check it out and then Jonathan can go with me on Monday. Woohoo!

I bought Jonathan an adorable Valentine's Day pajama set. It has big red hearts all over it! I'm going to snap a few pictures of him in it, and I think I'll put them on the homemade Valentine's Day cards. I also couldn't resist buying him a white t-shirt with a huge red heart on the front to wear with his khakis on Valentine's Day.

I started going to a new chiropractor and I love her! She is much closer, and their office takes our insurance. I've noticed a big difference already in how my upper back feels after just three visits. It's amazing. I had incredibly bad upper back pain with Jonathan, and my doctor never knew what the problem was. My midwife recommended seeing a chiropractor during the pregnancy, not only for my upper back but she said that regular care can help out when it comes time for labor and delivery! I have to say that I was skeptical, but I'm really impressed! With the first chiropractor it helped a little, but with my new one my upper back pain is almost completely gone! Yay!

I just ordered some mango body butter and some skin milk. I know that many swear that lotions do not help stretch marks, but it is not going to stop me from trying!! I have so many from my pregnancy with Jonathan that I often feel like I have my own personal road map. The skin milk is supposed to smell like chocolate milk! Nummy.

I've been reading a lot about hypnobirthing. I checked out their website and they do offer a book and audio tapes. Scott and I talked about it and I think we're going to order them! We're not ready to leave Jonathan with a sitter yet, and our parents do not live in town so we wouldn't want to take an actual class. I was thrilled to learn that they do have some learn-at-home materials! I wish more birthing classes offered materials to learn at home.

I really need some new bras. I've been wearing Motherhood's center snap nursing bras since before Jonathan was born. I've gone through so many! The wire keeps popping out or the snaps stop staying shut. I did sew one of them so the wire would stay in, and might end up doing so for a few more. I just wish I could find a bra that I like that is also durable! (And I don't like sewing.) I don't like the way most nursing bras look on me. After going all the way up to an F cup (from a B cup) and back down to a C cup, my breasts need support!! A lot of nursing bras lift too much or not enough, and then some just aren't comfy. I like the way I look in the center-snap bras and they're comfortable to me, so that is why I have stuck with them despite their cheap quality. Bra shopping is just so frustrating to me, but I really do need to make myself get out there and look around!

I received my birth ball this week! It's in our computer room so I can use it at the computer. Our foot pump wouldn't work with the pump attachment so I had to blow it up myself! Ack! That was tough. I really like it. Jonathan has had a lot of fun playing with it too! They sent a neat booklet that explains exercises you can do on the ball, and the company I ordered if from sent me an additional sheet with pictures of laboring positions. Yay!

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