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Week 22 ~ February 8, 2001
~ Crazy Week!

Scott has been out of town since Monday. I don't know what it is about pregnancy, but it seems to make everything seem so intense. Emotions flood my system, and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning! The stress really overwhelmed me this week. He has been traveling a lot more than the job originally promised, and it's making us both miserable. He doesn't like to be away from us, and I am usually flailing around here when he's gone. Everything seems so difficult when he's not here. I cried so many times in his absence, and we think that if he's asked to keep traveling this much then he will start looking for a new job.

On a happier note, I joined the fitness gym last week! I'm such a sucker for sales pitches, but I did end up getting a good deal. Unfortunately, Jonathan came down with a bad cold the day Scott left so I haven't been to any of the classes. Before Scott left, I did go for the "intro" where someone showed me the equipment, went over everything, and answered my questions. I'm really excited about it! Hopefully next week Jonathan will be well, and I can start going to the yoga and flexball classes.

I took pictures of Jonathan in his Valentine's Day outfit, and of course he looks precious!! One of them turned out perfect, so I ordered copies for the Valentine's Day cards we'll send to Jonathan's friends. I think Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday (Christmas being my favorite!).

I received the body butter and skin milk. The Rosango (scented White Rose and Mango) body butter is my favorite! It feels wonderful on my belly and smells wonderful. I can hope that my already roadmapped skin won't get any worse!!

My mother-in-law had surgery this week for an ACL tear (I think that is what it is called). They found more damage than they originally saw in the MRI (I think it was a MRI), and she will have a long recovery most likely. Thankfully, her sweet sister flew down to help her out, and I know that will be great for her. She and her sister get along like two peas in a pod. MIL's birthday is in a few days, and Scott and I ordered her a new game called Proverbial Wisdom. She's due to get it on her birthday (keeping our hopes up!) and we hope that will cheer her up!

Still haven't managed enough motivation to shop for a new bra. I did look online a few places, but it's so hard for me to order something that has a big likelihood of not fitting properly. When switching to a new bra, I usually end up trying on a million different sizes and styles . . . not that there is a huge selection when it comes to maternity/nursing bras! Why is that?!

I got my hair cut last week, and I hate it. I'm going tomorrow to get it cut by someone else. I'm really hoping it turns out okay, and that I get a good stylist. Since we moved up this way, I still haven't found anyone I like. I'd love to call and complain about the stylist I had last week, but I know I'd end up sounding like a hormonal pregnant woman. He just said a few things that really irked me!

Saturday I will be going to a spa!!! Scott's Valentine's Day present to me is a Prenatal Massage and a Mood Facial from the Mood Spa. Woohoo! I am so very excited! I haven't had a massage or a facial since before we were married. If my haircut goes well too and Jonathan continues to get better, I think it will be a wonderful weekend!

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