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Week 23 ~ February 15, 2001
~ Midwife Appointment

Friday night I had my hair cut. The salon I go to apparently has a policy that if you do not like your cut, your redo is free. I was amazed and excited! I was very grateful to the stylist for letting me know that. I like my haircut. It's not exactly what I had visualized in my mind but I like it.

The spa was nice. They definitely do not cater to pregnant women though! I am not going to complain because it really was a treat. The massage was very relaxing! Fifty-five minutes have never gone by so fast. My face felt so soft after the facial. Now if only they could magically make it clear too!

My neighbor had her baby! Her baby is still in the hospital, as he was born prematurely and needs extra care right now. But, they hope to come home very soon. I picked out some cute things for the baby and a sweet baby doll for her two-year-old daughter Grace.

I managed to send off over a dozen homemade Valentine's with Jonathan's picture and had a few more for his friends in the neighborhood. I did send them off late, but better late than never! They were really cute. I don't know if I'd do that again, but who knows!?

Today was a very busy day! I went to a LLL meeting in the morning. I had a good time, and I think Jonathan had a good time too. Then, I went to my midwife appointment. I really enjoy my monthly appointments! We talked for a while, and I asked her questions. After about 30 minutes we went on in to hear baby's heartbeat and other things. It is so neat to hear the baby's heartbeat! She said that next time we might be able to hear it with the stethoscope!! She also helped me feel baby's head, back and tiny feet!!! Oh it was so cool! Everything else went really well. When we started getting ready to go, it was still pouring down rain and she suggested I wait for a bit for the downfall to lessen. We chatted for a while longer and I remembered some questions I hadn't written down (you know, the ones you remember on the way home?!). The drive home wasn't as bad as I thought it would be until I neared our home. On the interstate a pickup truck swerved in front of me to the side and back again flipping huge amounts of water onto my windshield. I could hardly see and I was very scared. My heart was pounding so hard and I had that adrenaline rush feeling the rest of the way home and not the pleasant kind. Scott was happy to listen to me talk about it when I arrived home and that helped me get it out of my system.

Thursday night I went to yoga class. I really enjoy it! I still haven't gone to the gym yet, as we're preparing for my parents' arrival. But, I hope that next week I'll get to go. The gym also offers a yoga class twice a week so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it is. Jonathan is all better so I should be in the clear. He thankfully doesn't seem to have gotten an ear infection either. I am completely amazed! I love our chiropractor!!

Tomorrow my parents will arrive for the weekend. Monday is a holiday for them so they'll get to stay a long weekend. Jonathan adores my dad and I really appreciate my parents visiting us. Every time they come here they like to go to an outlet mall about 45 minutes away so we'll probably go there on Saturday. And, my dad likes to go to the Lenox outlet too. It's also about 45 minutes away. I hope my brother will come over this weekend to see them and to see us too!

Baby is doing all sorts of acrobatic moves in there. I feel baby moving a lot more these days. It's very different this time. When I was pregnant with Jonathan, I'm sure I felt every single little movement! I guess mostly because I was so focused on the pregnancy. This time I do feel this baby move a lot, but I also think I don't notice sometimes. I'm a lot busier this pregnancy, with much of my energy focused on Jonathan during the day, and then Scott and Jonathan during the evening. A couple days ago I wondered to myself how I will be able to give enough attention to the new baby . . . I know I'll be able to. I have a feeling it will be one of those things that just falls into place and I have no need to worry. It doesn't stop me from wondering about it though.

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