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Week 24 ~ February 22, 2001
~ Parent's visit, tiring week and sugar cravings

My parents were here last weekend. Along with my Valentine's Day chocolates, they added the failing of my willpower for sweets. Ack! They brought things to make Rice Krispy treats, and all sorts of other stuff. We also went to the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday night to pick up desserts. Ack again! On Thursday I started my "four days without sugar" that my midwife suggested, but more about that later. The visit with my parents went well. As always, Jonathan followed my dad around and wanted my dad to hold him almost at a constant! He would whine if my dad walked out of the room (I thought he was supposed to do that with me!!) and beamed every time my dad smiled at him. It was so sweet to see. My brother didn't come over, nor did he call (he lives about 20 minutes away from our home). I was (and am) really disappointed in him. My mom hasn't seen him since Christmas and though my dad saw him when he was here on business, it was still brief. We still have my brother's W-2, some other mail and tons of homemade chili (with spaghetti added in just for him) in our freezer that my mom and dad brought with them. I've tried to call him several times this week (he doesn't have an answering machine), and then finally just sent him an email mid-week but he has yet to reply. Okay, I can tell I've gone off on a semi-rant! On to happier things!

Scott had Monday off for President's day. Woohoo! We drove a good distance to a doll shop that my sister-in-law recommended. We were in search of a sweet doll-baby for Jonathan . . . and we found one!! The doll is from Germany, well made with a cloth body and plastic head, arms and legs. The eyes open and shut, but the saleswoman assured me that the doll was made for playing and that the eyelids would hold up just fine. We had narrowed it down to this baby and another slightly larger (but lighter) baby. Jonathan's is 13 inches and the other we had selected was 17 inches. Jonathan completely adored the smaller baby, giving the doll hugs with the sweetest smile on his face! We knew this doll was "the one" for Jonathan!

Scott was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday. I was ready to keel over when he returned late Wednesday night. I was just really tired this week, and Scott being gone was especially hard. Maybe because I was still recuperating from last week! I've also been kind of "down" this week.

Thursday night I went to prenatal yoga and then afterwards to Starbucks with a friend. On the way to Starbucks I called home to make sure Scott and Jonathan were doing okay, and they were. Cathi and I chatted for a good while. It was so nice! And Jonathan was excited to see me when I got home.

I am going to try to go without sugar for four days. Ever since the Valentine's Day box of chocolates, I've been on a downward spiral of sugar cravings. Ack! The weekend with my parents didn't help, as they love sweets as much as I do (if not more!). My midwife suggested that if I can try going four days without sugar, it will help lessen my cravings. She said to make sure I'm getting plenty of protein, and to especially make sure I'm getting plenty during the four days without sugar. I am really looking forward to it, and hoping I do okay! I'm starting today (Thursday) but I am not counting the latte I had at Starbucks!!!

Shannon and her baby came home from the hospital this week! I met her newborn son, Christopher, and he is beautiful. He was asleep the first time I visited, but I also saw him awake later in the week. They are all doing well, and happy to be home! I'm so excited for them that all is well! Shannon's mom is still there helping out. Shannon has a wonderful mom!

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