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Week 25 ~ March 4, 2001
~ A Long Week!

I'm writing a little late, and think I will write on Sundays instead of Thursdays. It's easier and I have more time on the weekends! So, this entry will include two fun-packed weekends!

Last Saturday we went to IHOP for breakfast. I was craving their Country Griddle Cakes, and Jonathan loves them too. Later in the day we went to a mall in Dallas, and while we were walking around we saw that a Sephora store had opened!!! Wow! It was very cool. I am truly not much of a make-up person, but I do like having quality stuff when I feel like dressing up. I didn't buy anything, but I enjoyed browsing and "drooling," mentally making a wishlist!! Then, we went to a new baby store that just opened in our area. I bought a Boppy nursing pillow and a few other things. They were having a sale, and I knew I wanted a Boppy this time! I used the Medela nursing pillow with Jonathan and was very disappointed. Then on Sunday we went to the park. Jonathan had a blast, but it was a little chilly outside so we decided to leave when he slowed down a bit. We also went to an office supply store to pick up some notecards and some metal clasp rings to make a recipe ring! I read someone's suggestion online to write the recipes you normally fix on notecards, and write the ingredients out to the side (like shopping list), punch a hole in the corner and plop on a metal ring. This is the coolest idea! I love it! Making a grocery list is much easier, and I'm able to flip through the recipes easily. The only pain is copying the recipes out of my cookbooks!! I ended my no-sugar days (made it to 3 and 1/2!! . . . okay, if you don't count the latte!) with 2 Girl Scout cookies. They arrived today via the girl scout we bought them from. Ack! I just couldn't resist. And then we decided . . . hey, if I'm going to have sugar, I might as well have that strawberry shortcake ice cream I've been craving. I'm horrible!!! Ack! But, I'm really proud of myself for going just a few days without any sugar, and it did break the cycle of craving sugar ALL day long. Now I just crave sugar at night!

The week went by in a flash. Jonathan had a stomach bug most of the week. We didn't do much. I don't like taking him out when he's sick unless there is something we just have to get. I take him out for walks in the stroller and such, but just not to stores or around other people.

I found out my friend Bonnie is pregnant!!!!! I am so excited for her! Her and her dh found out right before taking a trip to London. How romantic!!!

This weekend I was the one sick. I had Jonathan's tummy bug. It was very awful. I'm so thankful that Scott is such a sweetie. He took good care of both Jonathan and me. I slept as much as I could and sleeping really helped. On Sunday afternoon I felt all better so we went to buy me refills of my cleanser and moisturizer at the mall, as well as some new eye cream. Woohoo! My brother finally came to pick up his things. My dad called him Friday night to let him know he needed to pick up his belongings and so he called us on Saturday to ask when he could come out. I'm so glad he did, because being responsible for someone else's W-2 is scary to me! I kept worrying that something would happen to it (accidentally get thrown in the trash, forget where we put it so we'd remember it, etc).

Saturday morning (before I started feeling sick, of course!) I went to the yoga class at the women's gym. I was really disappointed. I was only able to do about 10 minutes total of the hour-long class. The instructor is pregnant, and so I though that maybe she would take pity on me just sitting there and give me something alternate to do . . . but no. I was told she is due when I am, but there she was on her back, on her stomach, doing all sorts of things that I don't feel comfortable doing (mentally as well as physically!). Now I have to decide if I want to keep going to the Prenatal Yoga classes at the spa on Thursday nights. They are not at a convenient location, they are expensive and on a day when Scott is often out of town (which means on those nights I miss it and make the class up later). I'm leaning toward just doing my yoga video, but I'll need to really get motivated and make myself do it regularly!! I'm still open to going to the Flexball class at the women's gym, but I'm kind of worried that it will be the same as the yoga class they offer and I'll end up just sitting there feeling like a dork!!

I am starting to outgrow some of the loose-fitting stretch pants I just bought a few weeks ago. Thankfully, just in my tummy! The waist won't pull up over my belly anymore. We stopped by a maternity shop this weekend when we went to the mall, but they didn't have anything new for the summer yet. Living in Texas, I know that I should not be buying anymore long-sleeved items!! It's starting to warm up outside but right now it's still nice, though before I know it, the temperature outside will be sweltering.

The baby is moving and kicking a lot now! I don't remember the movement being so strong this early last time. Why is it that women feel movement earlier in subsequent pregnancies? During my pregnancy with Jonathan the movement never kept me awake at night, but this time there are nights when I have trouble falling asleep if little one is turning flips!

I remember now why I cut my hair during my pregnancy with Jonathan! Frizz city!!! Oh my goodness. My hair is so fine, too so I have to watch what I use with styling products. I don't even like using styling products, but it's gotten to the point where I have to if I don't want my hair all over the place!!! Much hair fell out a few months after Jonathan's birth (which I know is totally normal!) and so the hair growing back in is still at a short length (much shorter than the rest of my hair!). It makes styling a challenge! But, I do like the length it's at right now so I'm not going to get it cut short again!

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