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Week 26 ~ March 11, 2001
~ The Blues

Monday night Scott came down with the stomach virus and I was up late on the computer so when I heard him up I helped him as much as I could. He slept all day Tuesday, and Jonathan didn't realize he was even here most of the day!

The week itself was extremely boring and bland. I skipped yoga Thursday night, because I was tired and my friend couldn't go so I stayed home and relaxed. Friday was a busy day, though! I went to the chiropractor and to run some errands with Jonathan. I came home and made the grocery list. That was actually kind of fun because I got to use my new cookbooks! I've had a terrible aversion to meat and poultry the last month or so, and cannot eat them. I was getting tired of the same old recipes so I bought a few vegetarian cookbooks! Yum!

Jonathan got his very first "boo-boo" this week. We were walking on the sidewalk and he tripped and fell, scraping his knee. It wasn't too bad, but about the size of a quarter and in bled just a tiny bit. We came home and I cleaned it and put a Winnie the Pooh bandaid on it. He doesn't know who Winnie the Pooh is, but he adored the bandaid!! He kept pointing to his boo-boo! Each time he would press a finger down and smile when I said "boo-boo"!!! It was the sweetest. After he was asleep that night, we took the bandaid off. All week he kept pointing to his boo-boo, and my heart just melted every single time!! He's such a sweetie.

I placed Jonathan's hand on my tummy while the baby was moving. I know he felt at least two good kicks! He still doesn't "know" though, and probably has absolutely no clue at all what that movement was! I've been reading him a few books, and I do tell him about the baby in my womb. I know he's going to make a great big brother! He has such a giving and sensitive heart, much like his dad's.

Saturday we went grocery shopping, back to the baby store, and a few other things. I'm not really sure why I was in a poor mood on Saturday, but by the time we arrived back home I was not doing well. I wasn't very nice, and everything seemed to weigh heavily on my shoulders. I felt like just crawling under the covers and hiding, but there were things to do. I can't even remember the discussion Scott and I were having, but something upset me and soon I was in tears. I'm so thankful for an understanding and sensitive husband! Sunday was the same way. I had the blues. I felt awful because I wanted our weekend to be fun! And I just couldn't "feel better" no matter how much I tried. I had no motivation either. Thankfully, we were able to have leftovers most of the weekend and only needed to resort to ordering pizza once!! Hehehe. By Sunday night I was feeling a little better though.

We did watch two pretty good movies this weekend. We saw Meet the Parents on Friday night, and Deadlocked on Saturday night.

It has been warm here, and I'm ready for the summer maternity clothes to arrive in the stores!! They have a few short-sleeved shirts, but just the same ones they've had for the last couple months. I just want about two more shirts and maybe a pair of capri pants. I didn't get any with Jonathan, because Scott is not the fondest of them. But, I like them and this time I'm getting them!! I'm sure he'll like them when they're on me!!

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