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Week 27 ~ March 18, 2001
~ Midwife Appointment

The week started off nicely enough. On Monday afternoon I made a chicken-mushroom dish for my neighbor Shannon. Her in-laws were visiting, and I knew that with a new baby, she and her husband could use a break from cooking. I have not been able to eat meat or poultry for the last month, but amazingly I made it through cooking it without feeling sick. I definitely didn't feel tempted to try it though!

But, Monday night my sciatic nerve was really bothering me. By Tuesday I was in a lot of pain! My chiropractor was out of town so I endured. It was tough though. Jonathan didn't understand why I couldn't pick him up. My poor little bear.

Wednesday I went to the mall with my friend and her daughter. We had a great time! My lower back felt a little better. On Thursday, I went to an LLL meeting. My friend Cathi was there too, and it was a lot of fun! I also got to meet Lisa while I was there at the meeting. She is a student midwife that my midwife practices with, and she will most likely be at my birth!!! She has a great personality, was very kind and it was great to meet her. I hope I get to see her again at the next LLL meeting.

Also on Thursday I had a prenatal appointment!! It went wonderfully, as usual. My midwife answered my questions and we chatted for a bit. I can't even describe how wonderful it is to feel that my care provider is really taking the time to get to know me, as an individual. We listened to the baby's heartbeat, and she helped me feel baby's head. That is the neatest feeling! She also casually mentioned that the baby was breech. She must've seen the look of fear on my face because she started reassuring me that it's not anything to worry about at all! I think the look of fear was still there because she reassured me a bit more, letting me know that the baby has plenty of swimming room and other calming words. I am so glad she did, because I truly was fearful! I also asked her about the sciatic nerve pain, and she said that my chiropractor would most likely be able to correct it.

On Friday the pain in my lower back and right leg was too much! I decided to try another chiropractor nearby. After hearing that a chiropractor would most likely be able to correct it, the thought of suffering through the whole weekend sounded really terrible! The chiropractor I visited was very nice. By Friday night my back was much better. Throughout the weekend it felt pretty good, but it did bother me a little bit every now and then if I moved a certain way.

Jonathan came down with a cold on Saturday night. Scott and I could tell even then that it would be a very bad cold. Jonathan could hardly breathe through his nose, and kept waking about every hour or less, sometimes every thirty minutes. He wasn't able to nurse back to sleep a few times, because his nose was so stuffy. Scott would get up and hold him and he'd go back to sleep. My heart was breaking for my little bear. Sunday Scott and I were both exhausted. Scott is the sweetest husband on the planet, because even though he woke up almost as much as I did, he let me sleep a few extra hours. Unfortunately, Jonathan was only able to nap for about an hour on Sunday. Scott held him in his arms in the glider rocker while they both slept. It was a sweet sight!

Sunday night we watched more of Jackie Chan's new movie, Drunken Master and also The Sixth Day. I think that I'm coming down with Jonathan's cold.

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