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Weeks 28/29 ~ April 1, 2001
~ Feeling Better!

Wow! It's April Fool's day and neither Scott nor I pulled any pranks! Guess we just had a really busy day. I think the time change alone was enough of a trick for us!

Jonathan and I are finally better from our colds. The past two weeks were pretty awful. My cold wasn't as bad as Jonathan's. He had a very bad cough and Scott and I kept worrying that he'd get an ear infection. I'm so very glad he's better now. The past two weeks were miserable for me because of my back. I'm not sure what I did, but I strained (or did something to!) my lower back (my right sacrum) somehow. I'm guessing from picking up Jonathan so often, or maybe from putting him in his car seat, or who knows? All I know is it hurt!!!! The first few days were so excruciating that I had a hard time even getting out of bed. Scott let me rest all weekend when it first happened, and then came home early Monday and Tuesday to take care of us. He is a very sweet husband. I am so very thankful to have a husband as caring and giving as he is!! I switched to a new chiropractor, and she was able to make it feel better. I still wasn't able to do much, though. Each day I felt better. The week was very frustrating to me. The house had become a mess, and all I could do was look at it. Cleaning made my back hurt, and the more I tried to do, the worse it made it. And, I couldn't pick Jonathan up, or put him into the car so we couldn't go anywhere. And, we were still sick so none of my friends could come over either!

Every day I felt lower, and lower. I cried many times as the week came to a close, and by Saturday I was crying rivers. Scott was right there each time to talk to me and help me feel better. He doesn't always know what to say, but he's there for me and that matters most to me. I am so glad he has so much patience and love for me!!

I'm feeling much better today. It's amazing how much stress can send me on a downward spiral straight to bluesville. Everything just seemed very overwhelming. I hope that the upward trend continues.

Today was actually a good day! My back still hurts, but it's quite tolerable now. We went grocery shopping. I actually love grocery shopping so it was, as always, fun! Scott even admitted today that he enjoys it too!!! We shop at a natural food store, and they have really yummy samples to try, and we can taste different cheeses if we like. I'm a sucker for their bread and dessert samples . . . we bought some Scottish Coffee Cake today after trying it . . . nummy!!!! It tastes much like a cinnamon roll (a very good one!!). We then went to the mall in search of an Easter dress. I was surprised to see very few light spring colors. There were few dresses, and many of the ones available were in dark or bold colors. Didn't see anything I'd feel comfortable wearing for Easter, so we kept looking after venturing into the two maternity stores. We finally found a really cute dress in a department store maternity section and it was 20% off!! What a great find! My belly button is sticking out so much now that some of the dresses looked sooo funny on me! You could see my belly button plain as day!! It was fun to try on dresses, and I also found two tops on sale at one of the maternity stores. I made vegetable stirfry for dinner, and have minestrone in the crockpot. AND, we bought everything for me to make vegetable lasagna this week. I have been seriously craving lasagna for the past three days!! I might even tuck the minestrone away in the refrigerator when it's finished tomorrow, so we can have it later this week and have the lasagna tomorrow night!

Jonathan was very busy this weekend too! He did everything we did, plus he learned where his belly button is, learned how to comb his hair (and mama and dada's hair too!) AND, learned how to draw on the walls, carpet and a sofa pillow with black permanent marker while mom was down the hall!! Hehehe! We laughed a lot over the last one! We have the paint that isn't washable, so we'll just need to paint over it. Thankfully, we do still have some paint from when we first moved in (they gave us extra for touch ups) and we can cover up the drawings until we're able to paint the wall. If it were in any other room (it's in the front room right by the front door) I'd probably just leave it until we could paint the whole section, but oh well!

During my pregnancy with Jonathan, I had very bad heartburn. If it became really bad, it would feel like tremendous chest pains in waves. The lighter kind just caused a little reflux. Nothing seemed to work then. The care provider I was seeing with Jonathan (and obgyn) just recommended Tums or Pepcid. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't and I never felt good about taking them. With this pregnancy, I haven't had much trouble. I think about once or twice through the whole pregnancy so far. But, the last couple weeks I have been getting a little of the reflux kind after eating spicy or acidic foods. I kind of wonder if stress is a factor, or if it's just the baby taking up more room these days! I decided to try more natural remedies this time. My midwife recommended papaya enzymes. I bought some, but haven't tried them yet. So far, the two other natural remedies have worked great for me! One is eating the peel of an apple, in small amounts. The other is slowly chewing on raw almonds. Both are yummy remedies (to me at least!) and worked great for me! I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it sure was worth the try for me!

I have been wondering what position the baby is in now. Is baby still breech, or head down? I've tried to feel around and I can feel the baby very well but I have no idea what's what in there! I can't tell a knee from an elbow! I'm really looking forward to my next midwife appointment to find out, and just because I'm excited about hearing baby's heartbeat, getting to talk to my midwife about the pregnancy . . . oh I can't wait!! And, after this appointment I'll be going every two weeks. Wow, it's amazing to me. Sometimes I think, "wait! This is going too fast!" and other times I think "oh my, June is forever away!!".

I've started to feel that "out of breath" feeling every once in a while. I felt it with Jonathan too, but it seemed like it happened earlier on with him. I keep trying to remember how I felt around this time with him. I really wish I'd written more down. I am so glad to write this journal because I know I'll have it to look back on in the years to come! This weekend I took out pictures from about the time I was 30 weeks with Jonathan. We were moving into our first home, the home we live in now. I was already much bigger than I am now, but other than that I don't remember much in particular. I thought for sure that I'd remember everything!

I'm also starting to get very intense cravings! We were in the store earlier this week picking up a couple replacement items and I was really craving cherry cobbler. I had to have it!!! Well, sadly they didn't have any cherry cobbler and I was so bummed! Scott could tell that I really wanted it, so we stopped by another grocery store on the way home. I'm so glad he's so understanding, because I was embarrassed to admit how much that cherry cobbler meant to me at that moment!! LOL! It seems so silly, but truly that is how intense the craving was!! It happened too with the lasagna. I wanted lasagna so badly last night, that I almost asked Scott to run to get me one of the ready-made kinds from the store. But, I knew that it would take an hour to cook in the oven, and by that time it'd be long after 10 pm (I'd just be asking for indigestion eating lasagna after 10 pm!!) and the microwave kind just aren't tasty to me. So, we bought the ingredients at the store today to make it! Woohoo! I'm having a hard time holding back! We got home too late for me to make it tonight. I can't wait till tomorrow! I was the same way with Jonathan, but I'm pretty sure the strong cravings started much earlier.

Next weekend I am helping a friend hold a baby shower for another friend (she had her baby very early, so I guess it's more like a "sit and see") next weekend, and two of Jonathan's friends are turning two! I can't believe my baby boy will also be turning two in just another few months. It really pulls at my heartstrings! I'm hoping this week goes well, and that I continue to feel better physically and emotionally.

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