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Week 30 ~ April 9, 2001
~ Birthday!!

This week really flew by. Wednesday I went to a friend's house to visit and drop off a birthday present for her son. It's always nice to get out of the house to visit with a friend. He is the second of Jonathan's friends to turn two!

On Friday Scott and I went to the store to buy things for Shannon's shower. I helped a friend throw Shannon a surprise shower, and it was so much fun! It was at the friend's house, and I went over an hour early to help prepare. Shannon's baby was born five weeks early, so the shower was a bit belated, but everyone at the shower got to see her precious, adorable baby boy! That certainly was special! We had a great time. Had lots of yummy snacks, cake and punch. Played shower games and opened presents. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday night we went to church, and then Scott took me out to dinner for my birthday!! My birthday is actually on Monday but I like to go out to dinner on the weekend rather than a weeknight. We went to Macaroni Grill (it's close and Jonathan can draw on the table!!). Jonathan loves their kids-size penne pasta in asiago sauce. We bought a piece of chocolate cake "to go", and it was scrumptious! We watched our second movie. We watched The Legend of Baggar Vance on Friday night, and Girlfight on Saturday night. We enjoyed both movies!

Sunday I went to BabiesRUs with my friend Cathi. I had a really great time! It's such a blessing to have good friend to get together with, AND she's pregnant too! She's due a few weeks before me. We also stopped by the bookstore, and I bought of couple books. It's so hard to find good "lift-the-flap" books for a toddler!

Sunday afternoon we did a few things around the house and relaxed. It was a peaceful evening. Monday was my birthday!! Scott wished me a happy birthday early, and then he was off to work. Jonathan and I stuck around the house most of the day. Scott came home early and we decided that we'd order pizza for dinner. We had a really fun evening, and Scott surprised me with some Ben & Jerry's Everything but the ? Ice cream when he arrived home with the pizza! I had been craving the Chubby Hubby flavor (both flavors mentioned are my favorites!) all weekend, and he actually had driven to three different grocery stores to try to find it! None of them had it in stock, so he bought my other favorite. What a sweetie! We opened gifts, and had a lovely evening. My MIL and my SIL called earlier in the day. My parents didn't call, though. I was pretty hurt, but I know that's just how they are. I've forgotten their birthday before too. My dad did end up calling me the following day to wish me a happy belated birthday. We watched half of Rhapsody in Bloom, and it's actually a really cute movie!!

My tummy is getting super huge!! On Wednesday my friend said it looks like I've got a basketball under my shirt!! I think I've gained around 20 lbs now, maybe a couple pounds more. I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks, and I'm very proud of myself for that! I feel like I'm doing great with my weight gain, and I'm continuing to eat 10 million times better than I did during my last pregnancy. And, I feel pretty darn good! (except for some occasional back pain, but it's getting much better!) I wish I were exercising more though. It's been pretty hot during the day, and there are so many wasps out! Hard to believe it's only April!! In the evenings it's cooler, and no wasps but it seems like we're running around all over the house every evening doing something or another! I'm thinking of starting back up on the yoga video, now that my back is feeling so much better.

My midwife appointment is on Thursday, and I am so very excited! I am hoping that baby is head down. I had an incredible baby dream and in the dream baby was head down! Can't wait to tell you all about it next time!!

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