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Weeks 31 and 32 ~ April 22, 2001
~ Travels and Company

This has been quite an interesting two weeks, that is for sure!

My midwife appointment went really well! My blood pressure is great, baby's heartbeat is great, and everything else is great! Baby is still breech. Again she knew that it really bothered me and assured me that it's completely okay and that baby has plenty of room!!! Though I still have fears, I am keeping positive that baby will turn.

Our trip to my parents for Easter was good, but also stressful. We had a 9 1/2 hour drive there, in which I had to use the restroom many times!!!! We stopped at a restaurant on the way there, and that was an hour of the trip. I took a 3 hour nap too, and that helped the trip along as well. My relatives, except my grandma and my dad, were there when we arrived. My dad took my grandma to the hospital because one of her eyes was really bothering her. When they arrived back, we found out that she had scratched her cornea. It was her "good eye" so she wasn't able to see much. I love my grandma so much! I felt awful for her, but it was super good to get to spend time with her. Pretty much everyone drove me nuts over the weekend though (except my grandma!). I'm not sure if it's because of my pregnant hormones, or if I was just truly agitated. People were watching movies at a monumental volume when Jonathan was trying to nap, we didn't start the cake and ice cream for celebrating the birthdays till 10pm at night (and Jonathan usually goes to bed around 8:30pm but we had kept him up thinking that surely they'd start any time), and just all the little things that. I'm sure that partly it's just because anything negative seems overwhelming these days!! We had a very long drive back on Monday. Jonathan came down with a cold on Sunday night, and was coughing up a storm and miserable. My poor little bear.

The beginning of the week flew by it seemed. Wednesday night I had two messages on my answering machine. One was from my Aunt Jerry, who lives pretty close to us. She said on the message that my Uncle Micky (her husband) had died. The next message was my mom telling me that they were planning to leave in the morning to come here, and could they stay with us. I called my Aunt Jerry back immediately, as it was already late. My Aunt Jerry is who took me in when I moved here. She housed me for a month while I found a job and my own place. She let me know on the phone where, and when, the viewing and funeral would be. Then I called my mom to let them know that of course they could stay here. I had a feeling that also we might need to house others (my mom has 8 brothers and sisters and Aunt Jerry said they were all planning to come) so I got to work immediately on cleaning. It was late, and our house was incredibly messy . . . a cyclone struck wreck would be a better description! I stayed up till well after 1am, and it seemed I accomplished so little! Cleaning when you're pregnant is so hard! It takes forever and is 10 times more exhausting.

Thursday morning I woke up tired and sore, and began to continue cleaning. Scott emailed me that he was planning to come home at 2pm. My parents were supposed to have called when the left (to give me an idea of when they'd get here) but I hadn't heard from them by noon so I called my dad's cell phone. He answered and said they'd be here around 5 or 6pm. I was glad to have the entire day to clean. I knew I'd need to whole day! My parents arrived here by 6pm, and we had the house in pretty good shape. My parents asked if my aunt and uncle could stay with us too, and I said of course. The viewing was at 7pm. Scott, Jonathan and I went for about an hour and came home. When everyone else arrived at our house, we ordered pizza.

Friday, we went to the funeral. Jonathan's cough was much worse, but otherwise he seemed okay. The funeral was beautiful, but also very sad. Afterward Scott went back to work, I came home with Jonathan, and everyone else went to my Aunt Jerry's. Scott worked late and we had a relaxing evening when he arrived home. Our houseguests arrived home around 9:30pm or so. Saturday when we woke, everyone but my dad had gone to my aunt's house to meet with others to go shopping. My dad played with Jonathan and helped Scott in the yard. We left for our childbirth class around 12pm. I also was now not feeling up to par, coming down with Jonathan's cold.

The childbirth class was okay. The other VBAC couple didn't make it, so I was a little disappointed! But probably it was for the best, since Jonathan still has a cold and we would've had to keep him away from the other child (they were going to bring their 10 month old). The couple there with us was a first time couple. It's amazing how different our concerns are from theirs, I guess from having "been there done that". The couple is much more educated about childbirth that we were with Jonathan! I wish so much I had taken a class like this with Jonathan. I am looking forward to the future classes that focus on relaxation.

My parents had asked us to meet everyone at Outback Steakhouse that night. I told my dad that yes, we'd come to visit but I didn't know how long we could stay. I have had severe aversions to meat and poultry the last couple months (and he knows that) and wasn't sure if I would be able to be around steak everywhere! My mom called us from Aunt Jerry's to let us know to meet them there at 7pm. They'd been over there (or shopping) the whole day, and my dad still hadn't made it there yet, but had kept in touch via cell phone. My dad called us around 6:45pm from Outback wondering when we were going to be there, as they were seated early. So we started the 20 minute drive down there. Jonathan's cough was very bad, and my cold was getting worse. I was a bit stressed out too and tired. I was worried about how I would feel being around all the steaks (would hate to toss my cookies in public! LOL!) When we arrived at the restaurant my dad was waiting outside for us. He led us in, and Scott and I were trying to figure out where everyone was (it would be hard to miss seeing a group that large!). When we arrived at the door to the enclosed patio, I though "oh!" and then my dad opened the door. Overwhelming cigarette smoke froze us in our tracks (Scott and I). I was truly flabbergasted. I couldn't believe my dad just led us in to eat in a cigarette smoke filled room!!!! I looked at him very oddly and let him know I could not eat here. Scott was pretty knocked back too. My dad said, "well at least come in and say hello" . . . I have to wonder what in the world was going through his head thinking we would eat in a smoking room. I talked to him twice before we even arrived. I was LIVID!!!! I went in and politely explained that we couldn't stay, Jonathan and I were sick, and made small mention about the smoking room. I didn't want to offend anyone. On the way home Scott said he would have just said, "we don't eat (or spend time) in smoking rooms" and I almost wish I had. I personally believe that it is a respectful courtesy to choose a non-smoking table when having mixed guests, especially when pregnant women and children will also be there. And I'm pretty sure it was my DAD who put in for the table. I mean, you would've thought that my own mother and father would've said something, or at least that my dad would've called to let me know in advance. Anyway, sorry to get off on a rant!

My parents arrived home around 9:45pm and let us know they were leaving at 6am. Jonathan was already asleep and I had to usher everyone to the front room because they were making so much noise. They kept making comments about how they wouldn't get to say goodbye to Jonathan, but they know his bedtime is at 8:30pm and they did not communicate to me that they were leaving so early in the morning (usually when they visit, my parents leave our house around noon) and they also did not call me to request that we keep him up till whatever time so they could see him. I had actually kept him up till 9:30pm, just wanting him to get to say goodnight to them, but by 9:30pm we still had no idea when they would arrive home and Jonathan was past tired.

Today has been incredibly relaxing. It's lovely to have the house clean and empty! I'd like a little less excitement in the upcoming weeks. Haha! Scott worked in the yard while Jonathan was napping, and I began typing my journal. Now they are both in the kitchen. Jonathan and I are still feeling awful, but our spirits are high!

My next midwife appointment is this Thursday. I'm going every two weeks now! It's very exciting. I wish I could tell if baby is head up or head down, but still cannot. If I had to guess I'd think that baby has been flipping back and forth, but I don't know. I'm anxious to find out what position the baby is in on Thursday. I'm carrying baby very low, and people keep saying to me "wow, your baby has dropped!". I personally just think I'm carrying baby low. It certainly doesn't feel like baby has dropped!

Well, now that I've written a small novel, I'm off to spend time with my sweet family!

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