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Week 33 ~ April 29, 2001
~ Nesting!

I ordered the cloth diapers for the new baby this week! I also bought some liners that I'll be able to use on Jonathan as well as the new baby. I ended up choosing contoured diapers and wraps with velcro, and I also bought a few All-In-Ones for nighttime. I had so much fun looking at all the cloth diapers online, and deciding which ones to pick. I sent my parents and Scott's parents an email with the cloth diapers that I'd like but cannot afford. Besides some onesies, it's all we really need now! That and I need to decide on which sling pattern I want. I have a sling already, but it doesn't have padding. Our padded sling is too big for me, but it fits Scott great! So, for this baby I am ordering myself a padded sling that will fit me. I have had a hard time deciding what pattern I'd like though!

On Tuesday I went to the park with a friend and her son. Jonathan and I had a great time! I always enjoy getting together with them, and Jonathan does too. She brought her son's doll stroller and baby doll, and Jonathan had so much fun pushing it along the path!! Later in the week we went to the store and bought Jonathan his own doll stroller. He has been strolling around his own doll in it ever since. He loves it!!

Jonathan's cold is almost gone, but I still have mine. I am hoping to feel better soon. Poor Scott said he feels like he may be coming down with it. I sure hope not! Scott has been so sweet to make dinner the last couple nights, and one night he even made my recipe for Minestrone! He had never made it before, but it was on our "menu" for the week. And it was delicious!

My midwife appointment went really well! My blood pressure, measurements, and other things were all completely normal. She said the baby is head down and posterior. I was relieved to hear that baby had turned to a head down position. I can't tell the difference between baby being head up or head down. I thought I'd be able to. I don't even know when baby flipped. I know that some women feel when their baby's turns. My next appointment is in two weeks.

The childbirth class on Saturday was nice. We watched a video of a homebirth, along with commentary from various advocates of natural birth. During the class we talked about relaxation techniques and a few other things. Scott is learning a lot from the class. So far I've learned little, but it's so nice to have a "refresh" of everything!

Scott will be leaving today for a training class, and he'll be gone until Wednesday. I'm really going to miss him. I've been on a "nesting cleaning frenzy" all weekend. If it keeps up, our home will be spotless by the time he gets back!

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