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Week 34 ~ May 6, 2001
~ Nesting and survived Scott's trip out of town!

Scott went out of town for training this week. I am very surprised at how well I did this week alone! Usually I'm very stressed out when he's gone. Now it certainly wasn't a picnic! But I did okay. On Sunday, I found out from a neighbor that a woman's house on a street near us in our neighborhood was burglarized. She was out of town for the weekend. It really scared me, and I am very sad for her. Though I know a car doesn't really compare to a house, I've had my car stolen and when it was returned I had a hard time driving it (mentally). I can imagine that the emotions I felt then are nowhere near what she must be feeling now, and it breaks my heart because it's a truly miserable feeling. Anyway, I found that out the day Scott left so I was using our alarm system at a constant while he was gone!!

I think I've started nesting early or something! I've been cleaning like a madwoman! Okay, probably more like a normal person but cleaning the bathrooms when they don't truly need it is just not normal for me!!! I've been organizing, dusting and rearranging. I found some wonderful large lined wicker baskets for very cheap, and I'm using them for Jonathan's toys! I like the way they look better than I do plastic bins, and they were even cheaper than the big plastic bins! I'm very pleased. Jonathan's playroom (which is actually the den, but we don't have any furniture for it except a couch!) looks so sweet now! His toys are all up off the floor (at least for this moment!) and things are organized.

The cloth diapers arrived already!!! I washed all of them and stacked them in the "for baby" basket I have going in Jonathan's closet. I'm not ready to "have them out" yet, but I'm sure it won't be any time at all until I have them all stacked up on the shelves of the changing table!

Thursday we had our carpets cleaned! Woohoo! We've lived here for almost two years now, and I felt like they really needed cleaning. Scott was a sweetheart and made the appointment while he was out of town. He took the day off on Thursday so he could stay here and Jonathan and I could get out of the house while they cleaned the carpet. I met a friend at the mall, and I bought a maternity bathing suit. Now I just need a pool to swim in! I plan to take every opportunity I can to swim before the baby is born. I remember how wonderful it felt to be in the pool when I was pregnant with Jonathan. Not feeling all of the weight (and at 34 weeks, I'm already feeling huge!) is heavenly, and I know it will be lovely.

I'm now starting to have a bit of trouble getting comfortable every now and then. And, finding a comfortable position to fall asleep in is becoming more challenging! I've been staying up very late so I'm especially tired when going to bed, but then I end up feeling tired the next day too. Blech! I'm feeling pretty heavy, and though I know I'm doing really well (as far as weight gain, and how I look, etc), it doesn't stop me from feeling just . . . like a sack of rocks! I notice it when I'm cleaning, when I'm bending over to pick up something, when I'm playing with Jonathan. And, it doesn't help that I've been bumping my tummy on things. So I not only feel heavy but also large!! I keep making myself remember that at this point last time I was probably about 40 lbs heavier, and that makes me feel a bit lighter. And, when that doesn't work I repeat "this too shall pass."

This weekend we ran a few errands. At Whole Foods I signed up for a Macrobiotic Cooking class for Thursday (the 10th). I'm very excited!! I've wanted to learn more about macrobiotic cooking, and this will be a wonderful start. I think I'll probably feel a bit insecure, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping a friend of mine will take the class too, but I know I'll have a good time either way! (Just as long as I don't bump anyone or anything with my baby belly while I'm there!)

My midwife appointment is also on Thursday, and also Jonathan and I might venture to the zoo sometime this coming week with a friend and her son!

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