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Week 35 ~ May 13, 2001
~ Very fun week!

My nesting energy is completely gone this week and the house is again in "wreck" status. I really do not know how our home gets so messy so fast! I am doing my best to keep up, but the mess seems to be one step ahead of me. I remember that during my pregnancy with Jonathan it was also hard to keep up with cleaning. It takes longer to do things, and I have to take lots of breaks. Scott has offered to hire a maid service to come once before the baby arrives. I haven't been able to clean the tubs, showers and toilets as often (just keeping the house straight is quite a challenge!). It would be so nice to have it done by someone other than me (Scott already has his hands full helping me with other things) before the baby comes.

I had a wonderful midwife appointment on Thursday!! Everything is as it should be, and the baby was in perfect position. I know baby will move around tons more before his/her arrival, but it was exciting to hear. She asked me if I have all my supplies yet, and it was then that it hit me that it's really getting close!! I mean, I am already feeling huge, uncomfortable, and ready in some ways but it's just so hard to believe that in just a few more weeks we're going to have another baby. Maybe that sounds silly, but I think that is also how I felt with Jonathan. Except that with Jonathan I was also really scared about becoming a mom. I feel more content this time, more confident and able.

The cooking class was really neat! I don't think that a macrobiotic lifestyle is something I'd choose, but I did gain a good bit of knowledge from the class and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Scott, Jonathan and I are planning to visit the chef's restaurant (who taught the class). She was very nice, and an excellent cook. She did not hand out actual recipes, but many people took notes. I tried to make the salad and Miso soup that she made (which was incredibly yummy!) but it mine wasn't very good.

On Friday, Jonathan and I went to the zoo with a friend and her son. I'm very glad we went, but Jonathan was a bit young for the zoo. He wasn't really interested in the animals. He did have fun playing with his friend! The zoo was particularly crowded that day, due to many school groups visiting. We stayed for a little over two hours.

Saturday night, Scott took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, for Mother's Day. Oooohhh it was sooooo good!!!!! Since it was my special dinner, I ordered two avocado eggrolls for an appetizer. I'd not ordered them in previous visits, as Scott wasn't interested in trying them. They were scrumptious!!!! And Scott thought so too! I was so glad that he enjoyed them. Jonathan declined trying a bite. The rest of the meal was great as well, and we left with a slice of cheesecake to go (for me!).

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Scott went to get doughnuts in the morning. He said that there were many men there (more so than usual!). It's funny to think how many families must've had doughnuts on Mother's Day! Scott made me some teecino (a tea that tastes like coffee) and gave Jonathan a bath. Then we went to church.

When we arrived home I had some insane motivation to clean out our refrigerator! Scott said he needed to work on my Mother's Day gift, so he took Jonathan in another room and I went to work. I took everything out including the shelving. I washed the shelving and wiped down the inside of the refrigerator with diluted vinegar (what I normally clean with). Before placing the shelves back I put a little lemon extract and water on a paper towel and wiped the inside and the shelves. It made the refrigerator smell like fruit loops! Then I organized and put away. Ahhh, having a very clean refrigerator is so refreshing. The reason I called it an insane motivation is because afterward I was physically exhausted and quite sore from all the bending over!! I kept thinking, what was I thinking?? But I am really glad it's clean.

Scott came out with Jonathan, and Jonathan handed me a card. It was such a cute card!! Then, I opened my present. I'm tearing up just thinking about how special my gift is. Scott made me a butterfly magnet to go on our refrigerator. Each wing is one of Jonathan's footprints, white paint on blue construction paper and laminated. The wings are glued onto a giant popsicle stick (like the one the doctor uses to look in someone's mouth/throat) and oooohhh, it is the most beautiful butterfly magnet I've ever seen. I'm sure I'm biased, but hey . . . how could a mother not be!!!

Well, this next week is not filled with exciting things and Scott will be going out of town again. I'm really dreading it.

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