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Week 36 ~ May 20, 2001
~ Surviving the Grumpies

Scott left for out of town on Wednesday early afternoon. I had an appointment with a new chiropractor that afternoon. Neighbors of ours highly recommended him, and he is much closer (only about 5 minutes away!) than the one I've been seeing. The visit was good, and he suggested I try massage therapy a couple times before baby arrives. They have massage therapists there too. I think I'm going to see him for the rest of the pregnancy, as it is harder to get out and about these days! And I like the idea of going to a massage therapist.

Jonathan was crabby almost all of Wednesday. We think that he had either started teething or/and going through a growth spurt, and then along with Scott leaving I think it was just a bit much for him to handle. He went to sleep pretty easily. Scott normally lies down with him or slings him after the three of us have story time and prayers. The last time Scott was out of town, I think it was very confusing for him to have me lying down with him. I was thankful that after nursing, he fell asleep just fine. Unfortunately, he did wake quite a bit to nurse that night. By morning, he and I were both crabby.

Thursday morning we woke early, both in poor moods. He cried most of the morning, and I repeatedly had to focus on just breathing. We were getting ready to go to LLL meeting. I was so tired, and so irritable, and poor Jonathan was having a hard time. It was not a nice morning. I was mad at Scott for going out of town (though I know he had to) and mad at his job for making him go out of town (how dare they send away the husband of a 36 week pregnant woman!! Hahaha), and mad at just about anything I could possibly think of . . . I was really having a hard morning! And poor Jonathan needed me so much, and I felt awful for not nurturing him like he needed. I just felt all used up, with no nurturing in me. I guess I was just so self-focused with my frustration and exhaustion . . . just thinking about that morning makes me sad!

We made it to LLL meeting, and it was okay. I was glad for us to be home, though. I took a nap when Jonathan napped, and afterward we were both much better. Jonathan still had a hard time throughout Scott's absence, but after that morning I was able to nurture him and help him through it. I know it must be so hard for him to understand when his dada isn't here. He went to sleep more easily on Thursday night and slept much better.

Friday I knew that Scott would be home later, and that made it easier to get through it. I was tired and ready for him to be home. I had missed him much, and I really needed a rest. He arrived home late Friday night. I put Jonathan to bed again when I realized how late Scott would be getting home.

On Saturday I was able to sleep in, and we had a relaxing morning. We had an overwhelming amount of things to do. We decided to call our childbirth class leader and let her know we'd be missing the class that afternoon. With all the things to do, and knowing that our time is becoming limited, we felt it was best. We left early that afternoon and arrived home around eight o'clock. My neighbor was having a Creative Memories show on bordering; it had started at 6 pm, and I was supposed to be there! I had called her in advance to let her know I'd be late, and again when I knew I'd be really late. I gathered my stuff and headed over. I had a pretty good evening.

On Sunday, Scott let me sleep in again. We went to church, but then left early. I developed horrible heartburn shortly after we arrived, and it kept getting worse. I had left my purse at home so I didn't have anything with me. So, we went home and I rushed for the papaya enzymes! We had a wonderful evening. We went grocery shopping and I cooked a lovely pasta dinner.

More and more often, I am uncomfortable and feeling huge. I know this is normal, and I try to just let the feelings pass. Occasionally those feelings come out in general crabbiness, though. Scott has been so encouraging and enduring. I don't know how I'd make it through this without his strength and humor. I'm also getting really excited about the birth of our child!!! At times it seems like it's right around the corner, and other times it feels like it's lightyears away. I'm really looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family.

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