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Week 6 ~ October 19, 2000
~ I'm Pregnant!

I took the test on the morning of Scott's birthday. I had all the normal symptoms that I get every month. Since Jonathan's birth, I have had horrid PMS that basically feels like I'm pregnant every month. Before Jonathan was born, I never had PMS. So, I didn't suspect at first. I have long cycles, and on average my cycle is 35-38 days. When I realized it was day 41 I was a little suspicious. Since the 17th was Scott's birthday, it gave me incentive to at least take an EPT. I took it mid-afternoon that day while Scott was at work and at first nothing happened. It was negative. So, I walked out of the bathroom for a few minutes and then came back to give it another check. There was a very, very, very faint line. I wasn't really sure if that meant I was pregnant, but I assumed so! I told Scott that night and he was thrilled! I let him know that I'd take another test in the morning to be sure. We spent the entire day talking about names!

I emailed the midwife that I had met a long while back in the mall. A friend of mine and I were walking along, and a mother with her children started up a conversation with my friend about her sling. I'm not sure how, but her occupation came up in our conversation and then as she headed off toward a store my friend and I wondered aloud if we should ask her for a business card. We did, and I had managed to hold on to it all this time! I had also read posts from her on an e-list, and had a fairly good knowledge of her birthing philosophies. I also knew from the list that she's a Christian, and that means a great deal to me.

Scott and I are still discussing when to tell our parents and how. We will be traveling to a wedding next month, and we will see Scott's parents then. We don't want to tell at someone's wedding, so either we can tell them sometime in the upcoming weeks or wait until Thanksgiving. Since we won't be seeing my parents for a while, we will call them or think of some neat creative way!

I'm due just about a month after a friend of mine. She, too, is planning a natural birth, at home or in a birthing center. It is exciting to communicate with her about our birthing plans!

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