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Week 7 ~ October 27, 2000
~ Found a Midwife!

I interviewed my midwife this week! She is truly wonderful. I really enjoyed talking with her. My first prenatal appointment will be on November 2. We spent a lot of time discussing my questions and concerns. I also learned quite a bit while I was there! Jonathan had a great time playing with her children.

I have been pretty tired, and the morning sickness has kicked in. It's not as bad as last time, though. I have that to be very thankful for! I've been adding slices of raw ginger to my RRL tea, and doing my best to get plenty of low fat protein.

We told my parents about our pregnancy last night!! We decide to buy Jonathan a t-shirt that says, "Big brothers are helpful." We took pictures of him and had them developed on disk. Then, I made a special web page of the pictures of Jonathan. I wanted them both on the phone, but my mom didn't want to get out of bed to find out what the surprise was. Unfortunately, my dad couldn't read the writing on the t-shirt! So, we ended up telling him over the phone anyway. My mom was asleep when my dad called me back so I guess he'll tell her tomorrow. This will be their second grandchild, both from us. It was too late to call Scott's parents so we'll call them tomorrow night.

Jonathan is nursing a million times a day. Before we conceived, he had slowly started to nurse less, but now he's nursing like a newborn! It's a little frustrating for me, as my nipples are a bit sore. But, I think my supply has dropped so maybe he's trying to boost it!

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