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Week 8 ~ November 2, 2000
~ First Prenatal Appointment

What a week! We had Scott's parents visit the web site the following night. Scott was on the phone with the both of them. Scott's dad thought it read, "The beavers are here!!!!!" Scott was laughing so hard. He told them, and they were excited. I guess our idea wasn't the best, but it sure was fun!

Morning sickness is a little worse but still tolerable. I hope it doesn't last as long as last time!! I had morning sickness with Jonathan until I was 23 or so weeks. Altoids are helping, along with keeping a piece of ginger under my tongue when it gets bad.

My dad arrived late last night on business. Jonathan adores him, and it's so neat to see them together! My brother will be moving into his own place and has decided to stay in town. My dad is going to help him move. What perfect timing! It's so nice to have my dad here. Jonathan gets lots and lots of attention! My dad will be here until Sunday.

I had my first prenatal appointment today with my midwife. It went really well. She said we would split the first appointment into two since there was so much paperwork to fill out. I scheduled my next appointment for two weeks from now in the evening. Scott will come too and will meet our midwife for the first time. He's really looking forward to it!

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