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Week 9 ~ November 9, 2000
~ Getting Bigger Already

We are driving to Natchez, MS on Friday morning. I'm wondering how I'll handle it with my preggo bladder! Yikes! This is the second wedding we will have attended on his side of the family this year. I think Jonathan will do okay, but I'm sure it will be a stressful trip.

My milk supply has dropped. My midwife recommended taking Blessed Thistle, so I bought some tonight. I don't think I'll be able to drink all the water I need to on the trip to Natchez and back, but I'll make sure to drink plenty while we are there. We'll be driving back Saturday night. I'm taking lots of fresh fruit with us, for Jonathan and me as well as some 100% juice drink boxes. Oh how I wish I could take some dinners with us too!

All of my clothes are snug in the waist now. Wow! But I'm still too small to wear maternity outfits. I think I'll look for a couple pair of elastic waist pants at Target or something.

I think I want to start seeing a chiropractor. I had a lot of pains in my upper back with Jonathan, and I've heard over and over that it helps with labor to have an aligned spine.

I have already been thinking a lot about the birth! Scott and I talked about renting a birthing tub so I can labor in the water. I keep wondering what contractions feel like, and how I will be . . . will I be quiet and calm? (Completely doubt it!) Or loud and obnoxious? (Very likely!) Or somewhere in between . . . I am guessing somewhere in between. I'm just hoping I don't get whiney!!! I can't believe I'm already nine whole weeks!!!!

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