Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal.

Chelsea is 24 and married to Spencer who is 28. As a doula, Chelsea has been interested in pregnancy and childbirth for many years and is very excited to finally experience it herself with a homebirth. This is Chelsea's story as she takes us through her pregnancy and birth of Liam, born 9 days overdue, via cesarean, on November 2, 2007. Liam was born with achondroplasia.

Chelsea's Journal Entries

Meet Chelsea

Week 6
Food Issues

Week 7
What Can I Eat?

Week 8
Midwife Visit

Week 9
Pregnancy Lesson - Sleep is Important!

Week 10
Let the Sunshine In!

Weeks 11 & 12
So Many Books

Week 13
Very Busy Happenings

Week 14
Third Midwife Visit

Week 15

Week 16
Bella Band & Couch

Week 17

Week 18

Weeks 19-22
Progress and Kicks (Hiccups?)

Week 23

Week 24
Planning a Shower

Week 25
Baby Shower and Busyness!

Week 26
Birthday Surprises

Week 27
Driving, A Lot

Week 28
Ina Mayís Guide to Childbirth

Week 29
Are You Sisters?

Week 30
Baby Ronanís Birth

Week 31
Baby Names

Week 32
Head Down

Week 33
Pre-natal Classes and Onesies

Week 34
Qualicum Trip and Nursery Furniture

Week 35
Labor Support

Week 36
Getting Prepared for Birth

Week 37
Last week of work!

Week 38
Unemployed! And Baby Shower

Week 39
Getting Excited!

Week 40

Birth Story
Welcome William Sparrow

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