Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 10
~ Let the Sun Shine In!

So the sun has finally decided to shine here on the West Coast, and it has really lifted everyoneís spirits. All right, today is cloudy and grey, but the last four or five days have been truly brilliant. Itís been so great to take Vega for nice sunny walks, wearing only a sweatshirt, scarf, and jeans. Iíve noticed such a major difference in everyoneís moods. It really feels like Spring is here.

I have been a good little pregnant lady and gotten a lot of sleep and not staying up late. I feel much better for it. Iíve noticed that the nausea gets worse if Iím tired and/or hungry, so that gives me more incentive, as well. We had fish and veggies for supper last night (I burned the rice, I couldnít believe it! I donít usually burn things) and it was so satisfying.

Yesterday I also had my physical/history-taking/pap with the midwife, Deborah. She was so great, and explained things to me about a pap that I had never heard before. They have these cute floral fabric homemade gowns for you to change into - so much nicer than the crunchy paper ones at the doctorís. Speaking of doctors, the new doctor in town that Deborah recommended to me isnít taking new patients right now, as heís just taken over someone elseís practice. Thatís the second doctor that I really wanted who has a cap right now. Normally I would prefer a female doctor, but for the next while the midwives will be doing all my female stuff. Also, I think it will be really great for Spencer to have a young male doctor about his own age. He has a thing against doctors, but heís never actually had a family doctor, just impatient ones from the walk-in clinics. I learned also the pregnant womenís immunity actually drops during pregnancy, so that her body doesnít reject the fetus, but that pregnant women sometimes believe their immunity is better. Really, pregnant ladies usually just take better care of themselves - eating better and sleeping more. I have really low blood pressure, but she said my heart and my lungs sound excellent, so not to worry about the low BP. She was really happy that neither Spencer or I have ever smoked. I got some of my blood work back, and so far things look okay, except for my iron, which is a little low. So I'm going to go to the Naturalpath doctor who has some good iron supplements.

Iím excited for my next prenatal visit - Spencer is going to come and we will hear Baby Peppercornís heartbeat on the Doppler machine! By then (four weeks from now) the fundus of my uterus will have popped up above my pubic bone.

I keep wondering when I will start to show - it seems to me that the taller women I known have shown later than shorter women. If so, the pros will be that my clothes will fit me longer into my pregnancy, I can wait longer to tell the people at the restaurant, and I will have less people saying obnoxious things to me about pregnancy. But there is still the part of me that wants to have something to "show" for all the hard work my bodyís doing. Iíve had a pretty poochy belly for a few years now, (thank-you, seven years of bakery-jobs) and I suppose itís out of proportion with the rest of my body, because for years random people and co-workers and other people have asked me if I was pregnant.

Well, time to go make some tacos for supper. I think next week I'll get Spencer to take some belly photos for me to post.


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