Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 11 & 12
~ So Many Books

ChelseySo I guess my pregnancy brain has started, because I thought that I wrote week eleven, but it turns out I didn’t! So this is week eleven and twelve together. Not much has happened these two weeks anyway.

Mostly I’ve been reading in my spare time. I read most of “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy” and it was funny and entertaining but not really my thing. Like most of the pregnancy books out there, it was geared towards Americans, and a lot of what the author talked about doesn’t apply to me here in Canada. She went on and on about her doctor, and how a pregnant woman’s relationship with her doctor will change during pregnancy. She basically admitted that she worships doctors, and talked about women who would prefer to give birth at home without the comfort of drugs and epidurals like they were crazy. It was entertaining to read her funny stories and anecdotes about her other girlfriends, but I had to stop about three-quarters of the way through when the book really got into all the awful things a husband is secretly thinking about his pregnant wife, and all the complications that may arise during labour. (Maybe because of all those interventions she seemed so fond of?)

I also browsed through my copy of “The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Sheila Kitzinger that my pregnant girlfriend gave back to me. I’ve owned it for years now, so I just checked up on the bits that cover where I’m at right now, and looked at the lovely photos. I did the same with “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn” by Simkin and Whalley. I swear I used to own it from the weekend doula course I did a few years ago, but I can’t find it and so I took it out from the library. It’s good also, and answers a lot of questions in an easy-to-browse format. It covers many different options for childbirth, including homebirths with midwives, and the text isn’t preachy or fear-mongering.

My favourite lately though has been “Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin. When I was a teenager and had the uncommon career goal of midwife, this was one of the books that really inspired me and gave me positive views about birth. I love reading all the birth stories of the families on the Farm, and the photos are nostalgic and warm. This book hasn’t lost it’s touch, and if anything, has gotten better for me. It’s also from the library, but I’d like to buy a copy of my own, the updated version is really lovely.

Our closest friends are getting married next week, so she and I did go shopping last week in Nanaimo for an outfit for her. Their wedding will be very tiny (just the two of them, and Spencer and me, and the marriage commissioner) on the beach in Tofino. I’m going to wear this cute black wrap-dress with three-quarter sleeves, and some little black ballet flats that I got in Nanaimo. (Finally! Some little black leather ballet flats.) She’s five months pregnant, and her dress looks really cute on her. We’ll be staying on a cabin on the beach on Tuesday night, and then they’ll be married on Wednesday.

I think my nausea is pretty much gone, although I’m still not eating as much at one time as I’m used to. I’m not as picky anymore, either. On the other hand, I think I could sleep for twelve to fourteen hours every day, and my dreams are getting weirder and more vivid every night. It’s getting spooky!

Well that’s all, it’s past my bedtime and I think my sheets are dry now. Ah, sweet clean sheets.


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