Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Very Busy Happenings

This week has certainly been full!

On Sunday Spencer came home from Vancouver and surprised me by bringing my cousin and her (sort-of) boyfriend. I screamed and cried and carried on like a little baby. It really freaked my poor dog out. I was making humus for a barbeque the next day and was all garlicky and olive oil-y. I was so glad to see her, she had been our only visitor since moving to the Island, and I hadnít seen her since November.

On Monday there was a staff meeting at the restaurant where I work and I decided to tell the owner and the manager that Iím pregnant. I sat next to the two of them for the meeting and at the end when everyone was leaving, I told them both together, and the owner screamed out loud, and then asked if I wanted everyone to know, because now that Iíd told her they sure would know! It sounds rude when I write it out like that, but it was really very funny, and everyone was looking at me while they were putting on their jackets and chatting. She suggested that I just tell them, so I hid behind my file folder blushing, and then peeked my head out long enough to say, "I'm knocked up!" And that was it. So now everyone knows, and it was fine, although I was really nervous. At the barbeque after, my friend Teneille (five months pregnant) was there, so we hung out, and people asked me questions a bit, and joked, but it really wasnít a big deal. My manager, the one who is actively trying to get pregnant, talked to me for a bit, and I could tell it was hard for her, and it made me feel really badly even though I know itís useless for me to feel that way. *lesigh*

On Tuesday I was supposed to leave for Tofino for Teneille and Seanís wedding the next day, and I asked my boss at the hair salon for the day off to hang out with my cousin before I had to leave in the late afternoon. I got the day off, but when I got home from the barbeque on Monday and told her this, my cousin told me that her and her boyfriend were going to Tofino to surf on Tuesday, and I should go with them. I told her that I canít go surfing, Iím three months pregnant! I told her that I took the day off to hang out with her, and that I still had a few more things to do before leaving, and hadnít packed at all yet. They wanted to leave at seven the next morning! I was so angry with her; she does things like this all the time. She didnít consider even for a minute that I wouldnít want to try surfing! She suggested maybe I could sit on the beach, or hang out in their hotel room! I decided not to let my anger at her foolishness get my goat, and enjoyed the rest of the evening with her, and a bit of the next morning. (They didnít leave at seven, but at nine.)

Anyway, having the day off turned out to be a good idea anyway, as I had to pack and clean up. Teneille and Sean decided to leave a bit earlier, which was nice. We got to Tofino around five p.m., and Spencer arrived a few hours later. (He had to work in Parksville that day.)

SpencerThe wedding the next day was beautiful, just the four of us and the wedding commissioner on the beach, and a simple ceremony. We swam in the pool in the morning, then I made a huge waffle-brunch, and then we all got ready for the ceremony. After the ceremony, when the commissioner left, we took many photos of the newly married couple. The weather was perfect, all blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a bit of breeze. We had a nice lunch at the fanciest resort in Tofino, and then headed back to our beach-front cabin for delicious chocolate mousse cake that I got for them. Yum! Spencer and I headed back around six p.m., and I saw my first black bear on the highway! It was so exciting. We saw deer too, but theyíre very common around here. When we arrived back in town and picked up our dog from friendsí, we had more house guests waiting for us! So I spent Thursday with them while Spencer worked (again). It was nice to catch up and not be too lonely while Spencer was away.

So that was my busy week! I feel like Iím getting a cold - I know that Teneille was starting to fight something on her wedding day, and I probably caught it. Oh, well! Sometimes that happens when youíre super-busy.

Until next week,

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