Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ Third Midwife Visit

Well, now that all our company and craziness is gone and over itís back to the old routine. Or rather, the new routine. Spencer is working three days in Vancouver and then four days in Parksville. Itís been pretty hard not really seeing him, and I feel so bad that heís worn out from working so hard.

I went for another midwife visit, and the fundus of my uterus is exactly fourteen centimetres above my pubic bone, which conveniently coincides with my weeks of pregnancy. Neat! And I got to listen to Baby Peppercornís heartbeat on the Doppler machine! It was so cool, I couldnít believe it. She let me listen for a long time, the heartbeat was so fast. Then there was this loud POP! noise, and she asked me if I knew what that was, and told me it was the baby kicking! Theyíre sometimes hard to find when theyíre so small because they move around a lot, but we listened to it for awhile once she found it. It definitely made my week.

I weighed myself, and even though I knew I had lost weight, I was surprised at how much. Fifteen pounds! Although, the last time I weighed myself was in Vancouver when I had a desk job and was at my heaviest. Iím sure I lost weight when we moved to the Island and started three, then two, on-my-feet jobs. But this is the lightest Iíve been in about five years. Luckily my appetite is getting back to normal, and Iím getting hungry more often, so I should start slowly gaining it back.

Well, thatís all for this week, until next time,

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