Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Vitamins

Not much new to report this week, except that I just canít seem to remember to take my vitamins! Iím taking a calcium supplement, which Iíve been on for awhile since osteoporosis runs in my family. (Both my Mum and my Granma have it.) Iím also taking a B-Vitamin pill with folic acid, which Iíve also been taking for a few years now. The only new one is the iron supplement, which my midwife recommended since my iron is on the low side, and will only get lower as my pregnancy progresses.

Iíve never been a great vitamin-taker, and itís hard for me to remember to take them every single day, but lately I havenít been taking them at all! It makes me feel so guilty, because I know that I need them, and that my growing fetus needs them, but it seems to slip my mind almost every day. I think Iíve just got to put them in some pretty bottles or something, to encourage me to take them. Right now theyíre in such boring drug-store plastic bottles, tucked away in the medicine cabinet. Maybe if I got some coloured glass bottles they would be more appealing and I would remember them. I canít leave them out because I have a naughty puppy who likes to steal things (especially from the bathroom for some reason) and take them outside to chew them up. So I canít leave them out anywhere where Iíd see them, because I donít want to poison my dog! Iíll keep updating on my vitamin progress.


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