Chelsea's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ Bella Band & Couch

Lately my jeans are starting to dig into my belly when I sit down, so I went out and bought myself a black Bella Band. What a relief! I donít have to wear a belt anymore (which was digging in like crazy), I can undo my button if I want, and my pants donít fall down. I didnít realize how uncomfortable I was until I fixed it.

Spencer had to work six days this week, but he finished in decent time on Wednesday and we took Vega on a car ride to Union Bay and let her run around on the beach. It was a weird beach, with no people and no wind at all, but there were some bunnies.

We also went to buy a couch on Wednesday! We saw this really nice chocolate brown sectional in a furniture store flyer, and it was on sale. They have the "no interest, no payments" for a year deal, so we went in pretty much knowing we wanted it, but we did want to sit on it and try it out. It was the comfiest couch Iíve ever sat on! I love it! Spencer and I both sank into it, itís so big and cozy. We could instantly imagine ourselves snuggling up to watch a movie on it. (Or not snuggling, itís big enough that we can both sit comfortably and be nowhere near each other.) Itís a J-shape, and the short part of the J is a chaise lounge-type section. Weíre so excited to have people over and actually hang out in the living room. Right now we have a futon in there that we use when we watch movies, but itís not set up very nicely. All we have besides the futon are three different chairs. The couch will be ready in six to eight weeks, which is perfect because we have to paint the living room and do something about the carpet. Itís going to be so great to have a comfy couch when our baby arrives. Nursing takes a lot of time at first, and I want to have somewhere nice to do it besides the bed!

Iíve got my old appetite back, and am eating like myself again. Itís great! I can eat normal portions again without feeling like Iím going to be sick. I havenít been concerned about weight gain at all, but when I weighed myself at the midwives' last time, I was a bit worried about how much I had lost. I havenít had a scale for years, so I donít know how much weight I lost when we moved here before I got pregnant. Now that Iíve got my appetite back, Iíll start to gain.

I can feel my uterus more often now, it feels like a firm melon or a small basketball or something inside me. I can also feel weird things moving inside me that Iíve never felt before, but I can never be sure whether theyíre digestive rumblings or not.

Well, off to bed, I must get up early tomorrow!


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